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Morimoto Breaks Triple Jump NR - National Track And Field Championships Day 3 Highlights

Mariko Morimoto (Uchida Kensetsu) brought the performance of the day in the women's triple jump on the third day of the 107th National Track and Field Championships and 39th U20 National Championships Saturday at Osaka's Yanmar Nagai Stadium. On her fifth attempt Morimoto jumped 14.16 m +0.7 m/s, a massive PB that broke the 1999-era national record by 12 cm. It was enough to move her up to 10th in the world this year, a welcome surprise to fans and federation officials in the lead-up to August's Budapest World Championships.

The women's 100 mH final was the race of the day, a four-way photo finish between NR holder Mako Fukube (NKK), WC quota occupants Masumi Aoki (77 Ginko) and Yumi Tanaka (Fujitsu), and previous NR holder Asuka Terada (Japan Create Group), non-ranked as she makes another comeback this season. Terada and Aoki both clocked 12.95, Tanaka 12.96 and Fukube 12.99, and after a long review Terada was named the winner. In a way it was the most complicated outcome it could have been. Terada isn't currently in the WC quota, although with this performance she should be in its next update. In finishing 4th Fukube, the only woman to have broken the Budapest standard, might end up left off the team. World Athletics' move to have half the field get to Worlds via rankings definitely takes a bit of the excitement out of a National Championships, as we'll still be waiting for the outcome of who's on the Budapest team for weeks to come.

Fukube missed out on the win, but NR holders won in three other events apart from Morimoto's triple jump title. In the women's pole vault, Misaki Morota (At Home) won as the only woman to clear 4.20 m. Joy McArthur (NMFA) took the women's hammer throw in 63.31 m. Shotaro Shiroyama (Zenrin) won the men's long jump in 8.11 m +2.1 m/s, beating a seemingly injury-free Yuki Hashioka (Fujitsu) by 5 cm. The only man to have cleared the Budapest standard, Hiromichi Yoshida (Kanzakigun T&F Assoc.) was a distant 10th at 7.54 m +1.2 m/s.

Other senior events were mostly lacking the favorites. Tomoya Karasawa (Nittai Univ.) won the men's pole vault 5.41 m, while Worlds quota-ranked Seito Yamamoto (Toyota) failed to clear the starting height. Shota Fukuda (Nihon Univ. Grad School) threw a PB 71.79 m on his final attempt, winning the men's hammer throw. Daiki Ogawa (Toyo Univ.) likewise ran a PB 49.52 for a surprise win in the men's 400 mH, coming up strong from 7th with 100 m to go as the rest of the field imploded off a fast start. Yusaku Kodama (Nojima) was the top quota-ranked athlete at 3rd in 49.83, with Kaito Tsutsue (STW) 5th in 50.07 and Takayuki Kishimoto (Fujitsu) last in 50.80.

107th National Track and Field Championships

Day Three Highlights
Yanmar Stadium Nagai, Osaka, 3 June 2023

U20 Women's Triple Jump Final
1. Yura Taguchi (Kokusai Gakuin H.S.) - 12.60 m +1.8 m/s
2. Chika Sasaki (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 12.41 m +2.1 m/s
3. Waka Nakamura (Fukuoka Univ.) - 12.34 m +0.1 m/s

U20 Women's Hammer Throw Final
1. Mimi Shimamoto (Soegami H.S.) - 57.01 m
2. Yua Fujita (Matsuzaka Shogyo H.S.) - 54.22 m - PB
3. Hina Sano (Fukuoka Univ.) - 53.38 m

Women's Pole Vault Final
1. Misaki Morota (At Home) - 4.20 m
2. Miku Yanagawa (Maebashi Ikuei H.S.) - 4.10 m
3. Megumi Dainobu (Nittai Univ.) - 4.10 m

U20 Women's Pole Vault Final
1. Mitsuki Kobayashi (Nittai Univ.) - 4.00 m
2. Riho Okada (Saku Chosei H.S.) - 4.00 m - PB
3. Shuri Yoshizawa (Nittaidai Kashiwa H.S.) - 3.80 m

U20 Men's Discus Throw Final
1. Yuto Takei (Kyoto Sangyo Univ.) - 51.07 m
2. Yuhi Harada (Nittai Univ.) - 50.12 m
3. Dijon Komiyaji (Kyushu Kyoritsu Univ.) - 50.13 m

U20 Men's Hammer Throw Final
1. Takumi Yoshida (Shikoku Univ.) - 68.68 m - PB
2. Taiyo Ohama (Saijo H.S.) - 62.34 m
3. Mauna Asari (Moriya H.S.) - 62.23 m

Women's Triple Jump Final
1. Mariko Morimoto (Uchida Kensetsu) - 14.16 m +0.7 m/sNR
2. Maoko Takashima (Kyudenko) - 13.82 m +1.3 m/s - PB
3. Akari Funada (Mukogawa Joshi Univ.) - 13.54 m +1.6 m/s

U20 Men's Long Jump Final
1. Sora Nakamura (Toyo Univ.) - 7.60 m +2.6 m/s
2. Kosei Muramatsu (Chuo Univ.) - 7.48 m +2.2 m/s
3. Junpei Magariyama (Nichidai Tohoku H.S.) - 7.29 m +1.2 m/s

U20 Women's 100 mH Final -1.4 m/s
1. Kokona Katayama (Chukyo H.S.) - 13.58
2. Kano Naito (Waseda Univ.) - 13.87
3. Ami Takahashi (Tsukuba Univ.) - 13.88

Women's Hammer Throw Final
1. Joy McArthur (NMFA) - 63.31 m
2. Raika Murakami (Kyushu Kyoritsu Univ.) - 62.63 m
3. Miharu Kodate (Somayq) - 61.81 m

U20 Women's Javelin Throw Final
1. Rena Amimoto (Miyajima Kogyo H.S.) - 50.45 m
2. Nako Inui (Higashi Osaka Keiai H.S.) - 49.63 m
3. Hana Fujita (Miyakonojo Shogo H.S.) - 47.71 m

U20 Men's Pole Vault Final
1. Hiroto Shinotsuka (Ikuei Univ.) - 5.31 m - PB
2. Rikuya Yoshida (Kansai Univ.) - 5.20 m - PB
3. Takumi Suzuki (Narita H.S.) - 5.10 m - PB

Men's Pole Vault Final
1. Tomoya Karasawa (Nittai Univ.) - 5.41 m
2. Shingo Sawa (Kiraboshi Ginko) - 5.41 m
3. Takuma Ishikawa (Tokyo Kaijo) - 5.31 m
3. Atsushi Haraguchi (Higashi Osaka Univ.) - 5.31 m
NM - Seito Yamamoto (Toyota)

U20 Men's 400 mH Final
1. Ryota Imanishi (Juntendo Univ.) - 50.94 - PB
2. Nao Yamada (Tsukuba Univ.) - 51.67
3. Hayato Shimoda (Toyokawa H.S.) - 51.72

Men's Long Jump Final
1. Shotaro Shiroyama (Zenrin) - 8.11 m +2.1 m/s
2. Yuki Hashioka (Fujitsu) - 8.06 m +1.1 m/s
3. Daiki Oda (Yamada Holdings) - 7.90 m +2.0 m/s
4. Keito Yamaura (Katsuura Golf Club) - 7.82 m +1.7 m/s
5. Hiroshi Tebira (Kagoshima T&F Assoc.) - 7.73 m +2.8 m/s
10. Hiromichi Yoshida (Kanzakigun T&F Assoc.) - 7.54 m +1.2 m/s
14. Natsuki Yamakawa (Team SSP) - 7.45 m -0.3 m/s

Men's Hammer Throw Final
1. Shota Fukuda (Nihon Univ. Grad School) - 71.79 m - PB
2. Ryota Kashimura (Yamada Holdings) - 71.64 m
3. Kohei Oda (Kyushu Kyoritsu Univ. Grad School) - 70.29 m

Women's 100 mH Final -1.2 m/s
1. Asuka Terada (Japan Create Group) - 12.95
2. Masumi Aoki (77 Ginko) - 12.95
3. Yumi Tanaka (Fujitsu) - 12.96
4. Mako Fukube (NKK) - 12.99
5. Chisato Kiyoyama (Ichigo) - 13.28
6. Hitomi Shimura (RJAC) - 13.35
7. Miho Suzuki (Hasegawa) - 13.42
8. Hitomi Nakajima (Hasegawa) - 13.44

Men's 400 mH Final
1. Daiki Ogawa (Toyo Univ.) - 49.52 - PB
2. Hiromu Yamauchi (Toho Ginko) - 49.78
3. Yusaku Kodama (Nojima) - 49.83
4. Shuta Inoue (Hosei Univ.) - 50.03
5. Kaito Tsutsue (STW) - 50.07
6. Haruto Deguchi (Juntendo Univ.) - 50.35
7. Shuta Nakai (Daito Bunka Univ.) - 50.71
8. Takayuki Kishimoto (Fujitsu) - 50.80

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