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Race Entries

Races in Japan usually close entry at least a month beforehand, often much longer. They generally do not have race day entry and race organizers are not willing to make special exceptions for foreigners. If you are coming to Japan for, say, a business trip in two weeks, it is not possible to enter a race. If you are making longer-range plans then it may be possible to find a suitable event using the following services: Samurai Running Japan is a long-standing entry service that focuses on smaller races to help overseas visitors "experience the 'real' Japan."  Along with entry it assists with accommodations and transportation. Launched in September, 2015, Runnet Japan is an English-language branch of Runnet, Japan's dominant online entry service, catering to the international community.  The number of races offered on Runnet Japan is still limited but constantly expanding. Other entry services like Sports Entry , TecNet and the new Sportsnavi Do still

Jitsugyodan Team Sites

Jitsugyodan teams are professional corporate-sponsored organizations which make up the backbone of Japanese post-collegiate distance running. Runners typically receive low-stress, low-time commitment positions within a company along with professional coaching, time off for training, medical care, housing and salary. In return they devote themselves to running for the company`s ekiden team and appearing in major marathon and track races wearing the company`s uniform. Men`s Jitsugyodan Teams and Pro Clubs Aichi Seiko  * Aisan Kogyo  * Asahi Kasei * Bel'x Supermarkets *  Chudenko * Chugoku Denryoku  * Chuo Hatsujo * Comody Iida * DeNA *  Fujitsu * Hitachi Butsuryu  * Honda * JFE Steel  * JR Higashi Nihon  * Kanebo * Komori Corp * Konica Minolta * Kurosaki Harima * Kyudenko * M&K * Mazda *  Mitsubishi Juko Nagasaki * Mizuno * Monteroza * Nanyo City Hall *  Nishitetsu * Nissin Shokuhin  * NTN * NTT Nishi Nihon  * NTT Nishi Nihon Tokai * Omokawa  * Osaka Gas

Calendar of Major Races

Races in bold type include nationally-broadcast and other first-tier events. January New Year Ekiden Hakone Ekiden (secondary site here ) Oita Godo Half Marathon Unzen Obama Half Marathon Asahi Ekiden (R.I.P.) All-Japan Women`s Interprefectural Ekiden (secondary site here ) Kita-Kyushu Women's Invitational Ekiden All-Japan Men`s Interprefectural Ekiden (secondary site here ) Osaka Half Marathon Osaka International Women`s Marathon (secondary site here ) Meigi Ekiden Chugoku Yamaguchi Ekiden February Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon  (secondary site here ) Kanagawa Half Marathon Moriya Half Marathon Himejijo 10 Mile Road Race Karatsu 10 Mile Road Race Nobeoka Nishi Nippon Marathon (secondary site here ) Chiba International Cross Country Chugoku Women's Ekiden Ome Marathon 30 km (secondary site here and tertiary site here ) Fukuoka International Cross Country Tokyo Marathon (secondary site here ) Kumanichi 30 km Road

Team Japan on the Podium

The Japanese national ekiden team, minus Kensuke Takezawa, on the podium after winning the 2007 International Chiba Ekiden, 11/23/07. photo by Brett Larner (c) 2007 Brett Larner

Catherine Ndereba, 2007 International Chiba Ekiden

Catherine Ndereba (Kenya) 400 m from the finish of the International Chiba Ekiden, 11/23/07. photo by Brett Larner (c) 2007 Brett Larner

Hakone Ekiden Turnaround Point

About Japan Running News

JRN started in 2007 in the interest of making Japanese distance running more accessible to non-Japanese speakers. JRN provides original content and results for all of Japan's major domestic elite races and overseas competitions by notable Japanese athletes.   Please contact us in advance with regard to reproducing original JRN content. Thank you. JRN also provides professional translations of distance running-related articles from Japanese-language media free of charge, both to make such material accessible to non-Japanese speakers and to show the ways and degree to which distance running is covered by the Japanese media.  Any translated material may be quoted or reproduced elsewhere in return for translator credit and acknowledgement of the original sources.

Elite Sightings Archive

Bitan Karoki, jogging alone in full sweats and a thick cap, early a.m. in Yoyogi Park, 9/24/13. World Championships 10000 m 6th-place finisher and DeNA RC member. Leonard Barsoton, doing hill repeats before 7 a.m. in Yoyogi Park, 9/24/13. World XC silver medalist and Team Nissin Shokuhin member. Hiroyuki Sasaki, running alone in Yoyogi Park, 8/24/13. Waseda University graduate and rookie member of Team Nissin Shokuhin. Kenji Kobayashi, Kento Otsu, Yuta Shitara, Yasuyuki Watanabe and others at the National University Ekiden Championships Kanto Region Qualifier at Tokyo's National Stadium, 6/30/13. Satoru Kitamura, doing a long buildup alone in Yoyogi Park, a.m., 6/29/13. Team Nissin Shokuhin member bound for next week's Asian Championships. Benjamin Ngandu, heading into Yoyogi Park, a.m., 6/4/13. Monteroza-sponsored Kenyan formerly of Nihon Univ. fame. Bitan Karoki and two DeNA teammates, running XC loops in Yoyogi Park, early a.m., 6/4/13. 27:12 at Pre last weekend.