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Japan Announces Team of 65 for Tokyo Olympics

On July 2 the JAAF announced a team of 43 men and 22 women in track and field for the Tokyo Olympics. 

With the men's 4x100 m relay being Japan's best chance of a medal outside the road events, the men's 200 m entries are of particular interest. National champion Yuki Koike, one of only two men to have hit the Olympic qualifying standard, is listed as an alternate, while the other Abdul Hakim Sani Brown, is listed as a stating member despite a DNS at Nationals due to injury concerns after the 100 m. Should Sani Brown scratch and Koike take his place it would open the door for 100 m alternate Yoshihide Kiryu to run if the feeling is that doing the triple would hurt Koike's chances in the relay. 

High schooler Hiroki Yanagida was named as an alternate to the 4x100 m team after a breakthrough 10.22 at last weekend's National Championships. Another one of the breakthrough stars at Nationals, 19-year-old Juntendo University hurdler Rachid Muratake was named alternate in the 110 mH after hitting the standard in the heats only to false start in the final.

A complete breakdown of entries by event:

Men's 100 m / 4x100 mR
Ryota Yamagata - 9.95
Yuki Koike - 9.98
Shuhei Tada - 10.01
alternate and 4x100 mR - Yoshihide Kiryu - 9.98
4x100 mR - Bruno Dede - 10.15
4x100 mR alternate - Hiroki Yanagida - 10.22

Men's 200 m
Abdul Hakim Sani Brown - 20.08
Shota Iizuka - 20.29
Jun Yamashita - 20.40
alternate - Yuki Koike - 20.24

Men's 400 m
Julian Walshi - 45.13

Women's 1500 m
Nozomi Tanaka - 4:08.39
Ran Urabe - 4:10.52

Men's 5000 m
Yuta Bando - 13:18.49
Hiroki Matsueda - 13:24.29

Women's 5000 m
Ririka Hironaka - 14:59.37
Nozomi Tanaka - 15:00.01
Kaede Hagitani - 15:05.78
alternate - Tomoka Kimura - 15:19.99

Men's 10000 m
Akira Aizawa - 27:18.75
Tatsuhiko Ito - 27:2573

Women's 10000 m
HItomi Niiya - 30:20.44
Ririka Hironaka - 31:11.75
Yuka Ando - 31:18.18

Men's 110 mH
Shunsuke Izumiya - 13.06
Taio Kanai - 13.16
Shunya Takayama - 13.25
alternate - Rachid Muratake - 13.28

Women's 100 mH
Masumi Aoki - 12.87
Asuka Terada - 12.87
Ayako Kimura - 13.11

Men's 400 mH
Kazuki Kurokawa - 48.68
Takatoshi Abe - 48.80
Hiromi Yamauchi - 48.84
alternate - Masaki Toyoda - 48.87

Men's 3000 mSC
Ryuji Miura - 8:15.99
Kosei Yamaguchi - 8:19.96
Ryoma Aoki - 8:20.70

Women's 3000 mSC
Yuno Yamanaka - 9:41.84

Men's High Jump
Naoto Tobe - 2.35 m
Takashi Eto - 2.30 m

Men's Pole Vault
Masaki Ejima - 5.71 m
Seito Yamamoto - 5.70 m

Men's Long Jump
Shotaro Shiroyama - 8.40 m
Yuki Hashioka - 8.36 m
Hibiki Tsuha - 8.23 m

Men's Javelin Throw
Takuto Kominami - 82.52 m

Women's Javelin Throw
Haruka Kitaguchi - 66.00 m

Men's 20 km RW
Toshikazu Yamanishi - 1:17:15
Koki Ikeda - 1:17:25
Eiki Takahashi - 1:18:00
alternate - Yuta Koga - 1:18:42

Women's 20 km RW
Kumiko Okada - 1:27:41
Nanako Fujii - 1:28:58
Kaori Kawazoe - 1:31:10

Men's 50 km RW
Masatora Kawano - 3:36:45
Satoshi Maruo - 3:37:39
Hayato Katsuki - 3:42:34
alternate - Kai Kobayashi - 3:43:31

Men's Marathon
Suguru Osako - 2:05:29
Yuma Hattori - 2:07:27
Shogo Nakamura - 2:08:16
alternate - Shohei Otsuka - 2:07:38

Women's Marathon
Mao Ichiyama - 2:20:29
Honami Maeda - 2:23:30
Ayuko Suzuki - 2:29:02
alternate - Mizuki Matsuda - 2:21:47

Women's 4x100 mR
Mei Kodama - 11.46
Yu Ishikawa - 11.48
Hanae Aoyama - 11.56
Ami Saito - 11.61
Remi Tsuruta - 11.80
alternate - Aiko Iki - 11.59

Men's 4x400 mR
Kentaro Sato - 45.61
Kaito Kawabata - 45.75
Rikuya Ito - 45.85
Aoto Suzuki - 45.94
alternate - Kosuke Ikeda - 46.45

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Andrew Armiger said…
Any notions as to the form of the marathon team members?
Brett Larner said…
Ichiyama: on
Maeda: so-so
Suzuki: on
alt Matsuda: on

Osako: on
Hattori: so-so
Nakamura: ?
alt Otsuka: so-so
Andrew Armiger said…
Cool, thank you!

I am hopeful Niiya is able to contend for a medal on the track.

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