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Fujisawa Wins Fourth Lake Saroma 100 km Title, Itagaki Makes it Three in Men's Race

The 34th Lake Saroma 100 km Ultramarathon took place June 30 on the northern shores of Hokkaido. In the women's 100 km Mai Fujisawa (Excel AC) ran 7:32:50 for her fourth Lake Saroma title with a margin of victory of over six minutes.

In the men's race Tatsuya Itagaki (Tokinosumika) ran 6:25:52 to win Lake Saroma for the third time, two years after his last victory. Runner-up Yasuyuki Nakamura (Suzuki Hamamatsu AC) was just 37 seconds behind, with world champion Hideaki Yamauchi (Hamamatsu Hotniks) another six minutes back.

Between Lake Saroma's 100 km and 50 km divisions a total of 3770 people started the race, with 2861 finishing. In the 100 km division 3281 people started of which 2435 finished, a finishing rate of 74.2%.

34th Lake Saroma 100 km Ultramarathon

Yubetsu, Hokkaido, 6/30/19

Women's 100 km
1. Mai Fujisawa - 7:32:50
2. Mikiko Ota - 7:38:53
3. Konoka Azumi - 7:53:48

Men's 100 km
1. Tatsuya Itagaki - 6:25:52
2. Yasuyuki Nakamura - 6:26:29
3. Hideaki Yamauchi - 6:32:43

source article:
translated and edited by Brett Larner

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