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Kaseda's Silver Leads Japanese Results at World University Cross Country Championships

Japan dominated the 2018 World University Cross Country Championships Saturday in St. Gallen, Switzerland, taking the overall gold, women's team gold, men's team silver and one individual silver.

That silver came courtesy of Rika Kaseda (Meijo Univ.), who finished 5 seconds behind winner Caterina Granz (Germany) in the women's 10 km to lead four Japanese women into the top six for team gold. 2017 World University Games half marathon gold medalist Yuki Munehisa (Tokyo Nogyo Univ.) was 6th overall, Japan's 4th scoring team member.

The men came up empty-handed for individual medals, Sota Watanabe (Toyo Univ.) taking the top Japanese spot at 4th overall with teammate Yohei Urano (Koku Gakuin Univ.) close behind in 6th. South Africa scored two individual medals to take the team gold, Japan just two points behind in the silver position. With the World University Cross Country Championships also offering a combined women's and men's country award Japan easily took the title of world's top university cross country nation, its main rival for that honor a conspicuous absence.

FISU World University Cross Country Championships

St. Gallen, Switzerland, 4/7/18
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Women's 10 km - Individual
1. Caterina Granz (Germany) - 34:53.4
2. Rika Kaseda (Japan) - 34:58.8
3. Soukaina Atanane (Morocco) - 35:13.4
4. Rino Goshima (Japan) - 35:28.6
5. Natsuki Sekiya (Japan) - 35:36.8
6. Yuki Munehisa (Japan) - 35:37.3
15. Honoka Tanaike (Japan) - 36:18.8
16. Kako Okado (Japan) - 36:25.0

Women's 10 km - Team
1. Japan - 17
2. Germany - 49
3. Italy - 51
4. Australia - 65
5. Canada - 80

Men's 10 km - Individual
1. El Hocine Zourkane (Algeria) - 30:21.0
2. Alfred Mokopane (South Africa) - 30:30.7
3. Thamsanqa Khonco (South Africa) - 30:33.5
4. Sota Watanabe (Japan) - 30:39.3
5. Hicham Amghar (Morocoo) - 30:46.2
6. Yuhei Urano (Japan) - 30:50.1
12. Kazuya Nishiyama (Japan) - 31:05.6
13. Junnosuke Matsuo (Japan) - 31:12.1
17. Ryuya Kajitani (Japan) - 31:28.6
21. Shunsuke Imanishi (Japan) - 31:43.3

Men's 10 km - Team Results
1. South Africa - 33
2. Japan - 35
3. Morocco - 40
4. Algeria - 53
5. Australia - 106

Overall Country Scoring
1. Japan - 16
2. Morocco - 35
3. Australia - 48
4. Italy - 76
5. Algeria - 81
6. Canada - 84
7. France - 85
8. South Africa - 96
9. Switzerland - 146
10. Argentina - 194

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