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Wambui, Kisaisa and Sekiya Double - Kanto Regionals Day Four Highlights

The final day of the 97th Kanto Region University Track and Field Championships kicked off as usual with the D1 and D1 men's half marathon. Logistics of the meet's new location this year at Sagamihara Gion Stadium in Kanagawa meant a complicated course, with the two divisions starting 9 minutes apart with four laps of the track, twelve laps of a 1.58 km road loop, and a track finish. In both divisions the runners-up from Thursday's 10000 m taking the top spot. In D2 Simon Kariuki (Nihon Yakka Univ.) ran the fastest time of the day, 1:03:09, for his second-straight win. In D1 it was Dominic Nyairo (Yamanashi Gakuin Univ.) in 1:03:49, his third-straight D1 Kanto Half title.

The men's 5000 m went to both divisions' 10000 m winners, with D1 champ Patrick Mathenge Wambui (Nihon Univ.) taking the top spot in his race in 13:45.30 to score his third-straight Kanto double and D2 winner Josphat Ledama Kesaisa (Obirin) leading his in 13:49.86. 3rd in the D1 10000 m, Kazuya Shiojiri (Juntendo Univ.) took 2nd in the 5000 m in Nyairo's absence, clocking 13:52.51. In the women's 5000 m as well the top spot went to the 10000 m champ, Natsuki Sekiya (Daito Bunka Univ.) running 16:12.55 for her second-straight 5000-10000 double.

Kanto Regionals wrapped with one last meet record in the women's 4x400 m relay. Meet and region record holders Nittai University cracked their own meet record, running 3:37.41 to beat runner-up Chuo University by 3 seconds.

97th Kanto Region University Track and Field Championships 

Day Four Highights
Sagamihara Gion Stadium, Kanagawa, 5/27/18
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D1 Women's 200 m Final +4.2 m/s
1. Mae Hirosawa (Nittai Univ.) - 23.56
2. Hikaru Watanabe (Sugadai Univ.) - 23.92
3. Miku Yamada (Nittai Univ.) - 24.00

D1 Women's 800 m Final
1. Airi Ikezaki (Juntendo Univ.) - 2:07.42
2. Kana Sugiyama (Juntendo Univ.) - 2:08.13 - PB
3. Nanako Matsumoto (Tsukuba Univ.) - 2:09.48

D1 Women's 5000 m Final
1. Natsuki Sekiya (Daito Bunka Univ.) - 16:12.55
2. Yuka Suzuki (Daito Bunka Univ.) - 16:13.29
3. Rino Goshima (Chuo Univ.) - 16:18.16
4. Yukina Ueda (Tsukuba Univ.) - 16:22.72
5. Mimiri Wada (Toyo Univ.) - 16:25.63

D1 Women's 400 m Hurdles Final
1. Kana Koyama (Waseda Univ.) - 58.53
2. Kasumi Yoshida (Sugadai Univ.) - 59.43
3. Moeka Sekimoto (Waseda Univ.) - 59.45

D1 Women's Shot Put Final
1. Yuri Saito (Tsukuba Univ.) - 14.71 m
2. Yuka Ebihara (Nihon Joshi Taiiku Univ.) - 14.27 m
3. Tina Ahinbare (Tsukuba Univ.) - 13.79 m

D1 Women's Heptathlon Final
1. Meg Hemphill (Chuo Univ.) - 5627
2. Mayu Schuster (Tsukuba Univ.) - 5367 - PB
3. Tomomi Nono (Waseda Univ.) - 5361

D1 Women's 4x400 m Relay Final
1. Nittai Univ. - 3:37.41 - MR
2. Chuo Univ. - 3:40.50
3. Sugadai Univ. - 3:40.52


D1 Men's 200 m Final +6.7 m/s
1. Jun Yamashita (tsukuba Univ.) - 20.31
2. Yoshinobu Imoto (Tokai Univ.) - 20.42
3. Kirara Shiraishi (Daito Bunka Univ.) - 20.62

D1 Men's 800 m Final
1. Tatsuya Nishikubo (Waseda Univ.) - 1:48.33
2. Kenta Umetani (Juntendo Univ.) - 1:48.44 - PB
3. Daichi Setoguchi (Yamanashi Gakuin Univ.) - 1:48.56 - PB

D1 Men's 5000 m Final
1. Patrick Mathenge Wambui (Nihon Univ.) - 13:45.30
2. Kazuya Shiojiri (Juntendo Univ.) - 13:52.51
3. Hiroki Abe (Meiji Univ.) - 14:03.12
4. Shota Onizuka (Tokai Univ.) - 14:10.38
5. Akira Aizawa (Toyo Univ.) - 14:10.88

D1 Men's Half Marathon Final
1. Dominic Nyairo (Yamanashi Gakuin Univ.) - 1:03:49
2. Shun Yuzawa (Tokai Univ.) - 1:04:41
3. Genki Kaneko (Josai Univ.) - 1:04:48
4. Takeshi Nishida (Tokai Univ.) - 1:05:00
5. Kosuke Magara (Waseda Univ.) - 1:05:06 - PB

D1 Men's 400 m Hurdles Final
1. Tatsuhiro Yamamoto (Nihon  Univ.) - 49.86 - PB
2. Takafumi Iwasaki (Juntendo Univ.) - 49.88 - PB
3. Masaki Toyoda (Hosei Univ.) - 50.62

D1 Men's Triple Jump Final
1. Tazuma Kawashima (Juntendo Univ.) - 16.24 m +3.0 m/s
2. Yuta Takenouchi (Juntendo Univ.) - 16.17 m +4.0 m/s
3. Ikki Kamisaka (Kokusahin Univ.) - 16.05 m +6.5 m/s

D1 Men's Discus Throw Final
1. Toshiaki Abe (Nihon Univ.) - 51.25 m - PB
2. Ryusei Yukawa (Kokushikan Univ.) - 50.93 m - PB
3. Sota Kikuchi (Tokai Univ.) - 48.97 m - PB

D1 Men's 4x400 m Relay Final
1. Nihon Univ. - 3:08.72
2. Toyo Univ. - 3:08.76
3. Waseda Univ. - 3:09.08

D2 Men's 200 m Final +6.0 m/s
1. Fuga Sato (Sakushik Gakuin Univ.) - 20.84
2. Yoshinori Nakano (Yokohama Kokusai Univ.) - 21.15
3. Asuka Aoyagi (Tokyo Nogyo Univ.) - 21.18

D2 Men's 800 m Final
1. Daiki Sato (Heisei Kokusai Univ.) - 1:52.88
2. Ryosuke Sasaki (Koku Gakuin Univ.) - 1:53.67
3. Jiro Sakai (Asia Univ.) - 1:54.00

D2 Men's 5000 m Final
1. Josphat Ledaima Kisaisa (Obirin Univ.) - 13:49.86
2. Naoki Koyama (Tokyo Nogyo Univ.) - 14:01.23
3. Yuhei Urano (Koku Gakuin Univ.) - 14:04.51
4. Taisei Hashizume (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 14:06.28
5. Shu Hasegawa (Senshu Univ.) - 14:07.05

D2 Men's Half Marathon Final
1. Simon Kariuki (Nihon Yakka Univ.) - 1:03:09
2. Kazuya Azegami (Teikyo Univ.) - 1:03:49
3. Hirohito Yokoi (Teikyo Univ.) - 1:04:06
4. Ikki Omori (Jobu Univ.) - 1:04:59
5. Naoto Takeishi (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 1:05:10

D2 Men's 400 m Hurdles Final
1. Nobuyuki Mukai (Boei Ika Univ.) - 51.62
2. Kyohei Yoshida (Tokyo Gakugei Univ.) - 51.72
3. Darrell Goto-Lenz (Sugadai Univ.) - 51.91 - PB

D2 Men's High Jump Final
1. Tomonari Suzuki (Kokusai Budo Univ.) - 2.06 m
2. Ruka Takara (Kokusai Budo Univ.) - 2.06 m
3. Tasuku Sugimoto (Rikkyo Univ.) - 2.03 m

D2 Men's Pole Vault Final
1. Kosaku Miyake (Tokyo Univ.) - 5.10 m
2. Kazuya Ishibashi (Seiwa Univ.) - 5.00 m
3. Yoshiki Shinotsuka (Seiwa Univ.) - 4.90 m

D2 Men's Hammer Throw Final
1. Shoji Ijima (Kokusai Budo Univ.) - 58.50 m - PB
2. Hose Enobi (Jobu Univ.) - 55.96 m
3. Shota Toyosawa (Kokusai Budo Univ.) - 55.11 m - PB

D2 Men's 4x400 m Relay Final
1. Sugadai Univ. - 3:09.52
2. Tokyo Keizai Univ. - 3:10.48
3. Rikkyo Univ. - 3:12.74

D3 Men's Pole Vault Final
1. Kota Suzuki (Nittai Grad School) - 5.40 m

D3 Men's Hammer Throw Final
1. Masayoshi Okumura (Ryutsu Keizai Grad School) - 63.89 m
2. Takuya Matsubara (Nihon Grad School) - 63.16 m
3. Hiroshi Okano (Juntendo Grad School) - 58.41 m

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