Monday, October 6, 2014

'Japan's Makoto Ozawa, Portland's Susan Smith Win the 43rd Portland Marathon'

Makoto Ozawa (Team Sekino Reform) was a member of Asia University's 2006 Hakone Ekiden champion team, running the uphill Fifth Stage where he was 4th.


Anonymous said...

What else can you tell us about Makoto Ozawa? As you can see, the local press didn't make a great effort to profile him. Thanks!

Ryan Heal

runduff747 said...

I ran with him for 21miles(I made a wrong turn at 23.5 so it should have been closer), strong athlete. Saw he's run 1:03:59 before. Not surprising from what I saw when I was an alternate at Izumo in 2012.

-Matt Duffy