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19-Year-Old Ryuji Miura Breaks 3000m Steeplechase NR to Kick Off Tokyo Olympics Athletics Day One

Juntendo University 2nd-year Ryuji Miura  is the most exciting thing to have appeared on the Japanese scene in the last year, seeming to come from our of nowhere to just miss the 3000 m steeplechase NR last summer at age 18, breaking Suguru Osako 's U20 half marathon national record last fall, and then rewriting the 3000 m SC NR twice since turning 19 in February this year. In his first real race against international competition Miura kicked off track and field action at the Tokyo Olympics by taking 6 seconds off his own 3000 mSC NR to finish 2nd in the opening heat in 8:09.92. Miura's time was fast enough to have medaled at all but two past Olympics and auto-qualifying him for what looks to be a very fast final, making him the first Japanese man to make an Olympic steeple final since 1972 Miura was calm and relaxed throughout the race, staying in the top 5 the whole way and moving to the front when he needed to. Over the last lap he challenged 2019 Doha World Championships
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Suspicious Fires Reported Along Olympic Marathon Course

A fire was discovered in Sapporo's Odori Park, start and finish point of the Tokyo Olympics women's and men's marathons. Smoke was seen coming from a stump in the park. Three days ago, another stump was found burning suspiciously in Nakajima Park near the marathon course's southernmost point.  Police received a call reporting the burning stump at around 10:00 a.m. on July 29. One of the people who helped put the fire out said, "The smoke was heavy and the fire wouldn't go out even when we poured water on it." Afterward the stump, located behind a public restroom in the Odori Park, appeared charred and blackened.  Several cigarette butts were found at the site, which is to host the Tokyo Olympic Games marathons on Aug. 7 and 8. On the evening of July 26 the other suspicious fire occurred outside the Hokkaido Prefectural Museum of Literature along the marathon course in Nakajima Park. A tree stump next to the sidewalk in front of the museum was found to be b

Japanese Athletes to Watch at Tokyo Olympics

As of right now, five days into the Tokyo Olympic Games , Japan leads the medal standings with 13 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze medals. Across sports Japanese athletes have been performing at the top level, showing both the benefits of increased investment in development over the last eight years since Japan won the 2020 Olympic bid and the home ground advantage. Track and field starts tomorrow, and while compared to some other sports it's one of Japan's weaker spots, it has a realistic shot at six medals with another eleven top 8 finishes in range. Your guide to who to watch for from the home team on the track, field and roads. Medal Chances Back when Japan first competed in the Olympics in Stockholm in 1912 it had exactly two athletes on its entire team, one marathoner and one sprinter. 109 years later not much has changed. Distance and sprints are still Japan's best chances of medaling, the race walks taking the place of the marathon, and the 4x100 m relay one of the most

Duffy Wins Olympic Women's Triathlon, Takahashi 18th

In contrast to hot and sunny conditions at yesterday's men's triathlon , the Tokyo Olympics women's triathlon went off Tuesday morning as the southern edge of a passing typhoon skirted the Tokyo area. Great Britain's Jessica Learmonth  led an initial breakaway group of seven through the swim and was in it through the bike. American Katie Zaferes  took over the front group shook down to just her, Learmonth, German Laura Lindemann  and Bermuda's Flora Duffy .  Duffy hammered the run, covering it in 33:00 and opening a lead of over a minute to take gold in 1:55:36, the first Olympic triathlon medal female or male for Bermuda. Zaferes dropped the others in the front group to move into 2nd, but on the third lap she was caught by Great Britain's Georgia Taylor-Brown , one of the people to have dropped back from the leaders on the bike. On the final lap Taylor-Brown broke away from Zaferes to take silver in 1:56:50. Zaferes held on to bronze in 1:57:03. Japan's Nii

'The Hottest Ticket in Tokyo? Olympic Triathlon' Another story for Triathlete magazine by JRN's Mika Tokairin  and Brett Larner , this one on the fans who turned out to watch the Olympic men's marathon despite Tokyo's state of emergency and the authorities asking them to leave. photo © 2021 Brett Larner, all rights reserved

Blummenfelt Wins Olympic Triathlon, Nener and Odakura Make Top 20

One of the only events to offer the average resident of Tokyo the chance to see Olympians in action with their own eyes, the men's triathlon went off with a snagged start Monday morning in Odaiba, Tokyo. A top 10 finisher in the 5000 m at the 2016 World U20 Championships,  Alex Yee  (Great Britain) did most of the heavy lifting on the run, reeling in breakaway bike leader Andrea Salvisberg (Switzerland) and shaking the lead group down to a trio with Hayden Wilde  (New Zealand), 3rd in the pre-Olympic test event, and Kristian Blummenfelt  (Norway), with two-time Olympic medalist Jonathan Brownlee (Great Britain) in tow.  Late in the last lap Blummenfelt executed the same strategy he did in winning May's WTCS Yokohama,  powering away from both Yee and Wilde and opening a lead of 11 seconds to take gold. Yee claimed silver for his work, making it three-straight Olympics with a British man on the podium, with Wilde another 9 seconds back to take bronze, bringing New Zealand back

'Tokyo 2020: A Sequel Nowhere Close to "Original" Olympic Games of 1964' A story in the Indian Express about my 83-rear-old father-in-law Akira Tokairin , who was at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, 1972 Sapporo Olympics and 1998 Nagano Olympics and who had tickets for track and field for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Photo above: Tokairin jumping in late '50s or early '60s.