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Kano and Okubo Struggle in Nagoya Replacement Races

2011 New York City Half Marathon - Women
1. Caroline Rotich (Kenya) - 1:08:52
2. Edna Kiplagat (Kenya) - 1:09:00
3. Kara Goucher (U.S.A.) - 1:09:03
21. Yuri Kano (Second Wind AC) - 1:14:59

2011 Los Angeles Marathon - Women
1. Buzunesh Deba (Ethiopia) - 2:26:34
2. Amy Hastings (U.S.A.) - 2:27:03
3. Mare Dibaba (Ethiopia) - 2:30:25
9. Eri Okubo (Second Wind AC) - 2:42:48


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