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Hokuren Distance Challenge - Kushiro Meet Results

by Brett Larner

Top results from part four of this year's Hokuren Distance Challenge series, held July 10 in Kushiro, Hokkaido.

2010 Hokuren Distance Challenge Kushiro Meet Results
Men's 10000 m
1. Shunsuke Nomura (Team Osaka Gas) - 29:27.53
2. Jee Young-Joon (S. Korea) - 29:33.97
3. Kim Min (S. Korea) - 29:36.21

Women's 5000 m
1. Yurika Nakamura (Team Tenmaya) - 16:20.25
2. Tomo Morimoto (Team Tenmaya) - 16:36.82
3. Naoko Sakamoto (Team Tenmaya) - 16:55.89

Men's 5000 m
1. Gideon Ngatuny (Kenya/Team Nissin Shokuhin) - 13:28.69
2. Alex Mwangi (Kenya/Team YKK) - 13:52.65
3. Takayuki Matsumiya (Team Konica Minolta) - 13:55.82
4. Tomoya Onishi (Team Asahi Kasei) - 13:57.78
5. Daisuke Shimizu (Team Kanebo) - 14:00.99
6. Tomoyuki Morita (Team Kanebo) - 14:03.66
7. Masato Kihara (Team Kanebo) - 14:04.13
8. Samuel Kariuki (Kenya/Team Konica Minolta) - 14:04.74
9. Yuki Iwai (Team Asahi Kasei) - 14:06.51
10. Noriaki Takahashi (Team S&B) - 14:09.32
14. Satoshi Irifune (Team Kanebo) - 14:17.85

Women's 3000 m
1. Kaptich Chepyego (Kenya/Team Kyudenko) - 9:31.05
2. Mai Ito (Team Otsuka Seiyaku) - 9:32.56
3. Ayaka Mori (Team Toyota Jidoshoki) - 9:37.13

Women's 3000 m B-heat
1. Maki Suzawa (Team Yamada Denki) - 9:45.98
2. Aya Kohata (Meijo Univ.) - 9:53.63
3. Mai Kizaki (Team Yamada Denki) - 9:54.48

Men's 3000 m
1. Langat Kiprono (Kenya/Team Subaru) - 8:14.24
2. Minato Oishi (Chuo Univ.) - 8:28.96
3. Kazuya Namera (Saku AC Hokkaido) - 8:30.09
4. Osamu Ibata (Team Otsuka Seiyaku) - 8:30.18

Men's 3000 m B-heat
1. Yo Yazawa (Waseda Univ.) - 8:12.26
2. Minoru Ikebe (Team Honda) - 8:15.90
3. Masakazu Fujiwara (Team Honda) - 8:20.17

Women's 5000 m Walk
1. Kumi Otoshi (Team Fujitsu) - 21:41.81

Men's 5000 m Walk
1. Isamu Fujisawa (Team Alsok) - 19:28.66

(c) 2010 Brett Larner
all rights reserved


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