Tuesday, June 2, 2009

'Radcliffe and Yamauchi Named to British Marathon Squad for Berlin'



dennis said...

I hate Paula Radcliffe!!! She's awful!! I can wait to see Yoshimi Ozaki and Yukiko Akaka take her down. She ran slower than YOshmi Ozaki. She probably won't show up the world champs. All she wants to do is run nyc marathon which doesn't mean a damm thing if you skipped osaka and do poorly in Beijing.

dennis said...

Paula needs to stop making so much excuses. After Beijing its over okay!!! YOu lost to Nakamura 10 places. YOu Suck!Keep running nyc marathon year after year against a weak field with no japanese runners.

dennis said...

I don't think Paula will do well in Berlin because she hasn't run any races. She needs to stop being out of action. It ludicrous to think she's the best. Look at Nakamura! She runs races every single month She ran boulder boulder finish 3rd and was the top japanese finisher at Yamaguchi half marathon. HOw the hell does radcliffe do nothing during the whole entire 2009 season and expects to be the best when she is clearly so untested against everyone.