Sunday, June 21, 2009

Noguchi Begins Rehabilitation at National Sport Science Center

translated and edited by Brett Larner

Women's marathoner Mizuki Noguchi (Team Sysmex) began going to Tokyo's National Sport Science Center on June 19 to undergo muscle-strengthening work and rehabilitation for the left leg problem which has plagued her since last summer when she abandoned her Olympic gold medal defense shortly before the Beijing Olympics. Unable to train seriously, Noguchi has indefinitely postponed plans of a comeback race.

Noguchi's trainer Hisakazu Hirose told reporters, "It's not that she can't run at all, but when we put any serious strain on the weakened muscles the pain comes back. The balance of muscles on her left and right side has deteriorated, so we're just going to wait until it seems 100% healed." Noguchi's group has given up on hopes of an autumn comeback and is resigned to a long wait. She most recently began jogging again in May but gave up when the pain returned.

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Anonymous said...

Brett, que posibilidades tiene Noguchi de correr en Osaka 2010, Nagoya o London?
yo he buscado videos de ella en youtube, pero hay solo dos, usted tiene el link de videos cuando ella gana el oro en Atenas 2004?
muchas gracias