Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fujinaga Receives Rikuren Permission to Run in Nationals Without Qualifying Mark

translated by Brett Larner

Berlin World Championships women's marathoner Yoshiko Fujinaga (27, Team Shiseido) has received special permission from Rikuren's development committee to run in the National Track and Field Championships 10000 m on June 25 in Hiroshima. Fujinaga has not cleared the meet qualification standard of 32:30, but, said one of Rikuren's major officials, "in terms of potential for development she is a valuable athlete and came highly recommended." Fujinaga earned her spot on the World Championships marathon team by winning March's Nagoya International Women's Marathon in her debut over the distance. Since then she has focused on track work to improve her speed. She now stands in the position of being the athlete most strongly expected to make a significant jump in performance.

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