Monday, April 6, 2009

Rikuren Announces Executive Board Membership Changes

translated by Brett Larner

Following a meeting of its executive board on Apr. 4, Rikuren has announced some changes to the board's membership. Director Keisuke Sawaki (65) will remain in his current position, while former national soccer director Takeo Hirata (49) will join the board as a special advisor. Both positions will last two years.

Former marathon aces Toshihiko Seko (52) and Yuko Arimori (42) have left the Rikuren board, while Osaka Gas vice-president Hiroshi Yokokawa (61) and Hiroshima Track and Field vice-director Katsuji Miyake (65) will join. Like Sawaki, special committee director Susumo Takano (47) and executive director Yohei Kono (72) will keep their current positions.

The board also selected Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture as the site for the 2011 National Track and Field Championships.

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