Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ohtawara Marathon Top Finishers Tamura and Nishizawa Run Paris Marathon

translated by Brett Larner

On Apr. 6 the Ohtawara municipal government released the results of the four athletes it sent to compete in the Apr. 5 Paris Marathon. The four runners included the top woman and top three men from last year's Ohtawara Marathon.

Miyo Tanabe (AC Kita) ran 2:51:40 to finish 19th in the women's race. On the men's side, Satoshi Nishizawa (Team Yamani Spring) had the highest placing, 39th in 2:24:24. Tomohiro Minami (Team Aisan Kogyo) was 49th, while Kenichiro Kawazu (Team NTN) was 71st.

30000 runners took part in this year's 33rd edition of the Paris Marathon. The best placings by runners sent by Ohtawara thus far have been 7th for women and 23rd for men.

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