Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tokai's Yuki Sato to Join Team Nissin Shokuhin


translated by Brett Larner

On Oct. 18, Rikuren's long distance bureau announced that Tokai University senior Yuki Sato will join Tokyo-based Team Nissin Shokuhin after his graduation next spring. With regard to his decision to join the top-ranked ekiden team, Sato commented, "If I'm on a high-level team then I can improve my own level and develop my potential." Sato has set new stage records all three years that he has thus far run the Hakone Ekiden.

Translator's note: Nissin is one of the best pro ekiden teams in Japan. Besides top-ranked runners such as Toshinari Suwa, Julius Gitahi and Gideon Ngatuny, Nissin has in the last few years pulled in several of the best graduating university students including Satoru Kitamura, Bene Zama, and Sato's former Tokai teammate Keizo Maruyama.

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