Monday, January 1, 2007


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April Day said...

I'm looking for running groups to join. I wondered if you had suggestions of running groups around the Tokyo area that welcome others to explore japan through running! Your help is much appreciated!

Brett Larner said...


Namban Rengo is a good place to start if you are new to Japan as it is international in nature and free to newcomers. If you want something more Japanese, try Harriers, Restart or Second Wind, but all three of those are paid clubs with only Japanese-language staff. All four should come up with a google search.

Maho said...


I just moved to Shizuoka (closest city is Kakegawa) and I was just wondering if you knew of any running clubs or groups in the area that are more into long distance running.

Any advice on how I might go about finding a club in this area would be greatly appreciated!



Brett Larner said...

Hi, you could try the Smiley Angel club. They do workout sessions in Hamamatsu and Oikawa, right on either side of Kakegawa.

Hope that is helpful.

Kevin Anderson said...

Any places to pole vault near Kyoto? Particularly close to Doshisha?

Brett Larner said...

I don't know, sorry. You could try contacting Doshisha.