Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Race Entries

I receive many requests for help with entering races in Japan. In many cases I`m willing to do this, but bear in mind before contacting me that races here usually close entry at least a month beforehand, often much longer. Races do not have race day entry and race directors are not willing to make special exceptions for foreigners. If you are coming to Japan for, say, a business trip in two weeks, it is not possible to enter a race. In such circumstances I`m happy to assist with arranging for training runs with clubs based in the Tokyo area, but races are not an option. If you are making longer-range plans then it may be possible to find a suitable event, so feel free to contact me.

Three websites, all in Japanese, offer comprehensive listings of upcoming races and online race entry:





Ashley said...

How can I find out when some races are? I am likely moving to Japan in September and would love to do a 10km there end of September or in October. I however am having trouble finding a run (co-ed). If you could advise me on where to look, or if you know of any runs I would appreciate your assistance.


Jim said...

Brett, I lived in Chitose, Hokkaido from 1997-2000. It took me from October to April to sort out the race entry system. But in the winter there were no races locally anyway. Do they still use the post office system for race registration or is everything on line now?
I know travel in Japan is expensive, but I can heartily recommend the Hokkaido Marathon, Chitose JAL, and Okhotsk. But the prettiest course is Toya Ko in May.

Sean B said...

I am an ultra runner from Atlanta and I am looking for an ultra marathon or marathon Jan 22-30 in Japan, China, s korea etc...
can you help me out and or point me in the right direction?
thank you
Sean B

Anonymous said...


Im currently living in Ishikawa Ken and a friend of mine as well as myself have been considering entering ourselves into the kumejima marathon in Okinawa.

I have tried to research how to enter online and have so far only succeeded in finding out the date of said race and the closing date for entrees.

Any help you could possibly give me would be a great help!! Also, if you know of any running clubs in Ishikawa Ken that would also be appreciated!!

Tom Cole

Anonymous said...

Hi Brett

Thanks for your tips, really helpful.

I am very keen to enter the Niigata Marathon on 11 October 2015. I am wondering whether you are able to kindly provide any tips on how to enter or any sites I can go to for entry.



Brett Larner said...

It looks like Niigata sold out on July 8, sorry.