Monday, January 1, 2007

Support Japan Running News

Since I started Japan Running News in the fall of 2007 I have run it without ads or trying to generate revenue. I'd like to keep it this way, but as it has grown JRN has taken up more of my time. If you are a regular reader or enjoy one of the translations or articles I post, please feel free to make a donation through the Paypal link above to help me to keep offering the level of content I've been able to so far. Your donations will also help me to provide video coverage of races which would otherwise never be seen outside Japan and to start some new features I'd like to bring in. Thank you for your support.

Brett Larner
Japan Running News


Alfons said...

Hi Brett,
emails are returning from your address - can you provide a new one?


Brett Larner said...

There is a new email address in the contact section of my profile.