Monday, January 1, 2007

Daigaku Team Sites

This site is pretty comprehensive and has links to running team sites for many universities and schools throughout Japan, some of which seem to be dead links. The Kanto region in central Japan is the home of many of the best running universities; I have added links to most of these below as well as a few strong schools from elsewhere in the country.

This article talks about an American runner's experiences training with the Yamanashi Gakuin team.

Men`s Teams
Aoyama Gakuin * Asia * Chuo * Chuo Gakuin * Jobu * Josai * Juntendo * Kanagawa * Kokugakuin * Kokushikan * Komazawa * Kyoto Sangyo * Meiji * Nihon * Nittai * Ritsumeikan * Takushoku * Tamagawa * Teikyo * Tokai * Tokyo * Tokyo Gakugei * Tokyo KokusaiTokyo Nogyo * Waseda * Yamanashi Gakuin

Women`s Teams
Bukkyo * Hokkaido Kyoiku * Josai * Josai Kokusai * Juntendo * Matsuyama * Meijo * Tamagawa * Ritsumeikan

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the school of athletics is a very good development for Japanese nation.this will help the nation so far you guys start from grassroots that is catch them young.