Saturday, January 24, 2009

Watch the 2009 Osaka International Women's Marathon Live Online

The 2009 Osaka International Women's Marathon* will be broadcast live nationwide on Fuji TV on Jan. 25 beginning at 12:00 noon Japan time. International viewers should be able to watch online for free through this site.

Click here for the IAAF's Osaka preview.

*AKA 'Osaka International Ladies` Marathon'


dennis said...

This race is exciting. It's going to be hard to predict the winners. Shibui is awesome at track running. She won the national track and field championship so she's the one with most speed in this race. I feel sorry for her cause she keep failing to qualify for the world championship marathon team. She didn't qualify for beijing and osaka and helsinki. Hopefully she can qualify for this one.

dennis said...

I don't understand why shibui keep losing. She has track speed. And she's useful for ekiden. She help increse Mitsui Kaijo lead. It's hard to believe Yuri Kano, yumiko hara,Yoshimi Ozaki and mediocre runners keep beating shibui.

dennis said...

Here's why Hara's the best. She beated Shibui not once but twice. In nagoya she won the race in 2:24:19 and shibui finish 7th well off Hara's pace. And recently in osaka she beated Shibui by 10 minute!!! That shows how much potential Hara has. She beated someone who is useful for edikens who is the 10000 meters national record holder and the person who won the national track and field championships. Go Hara!!!!!

dennis said...

I'm scared for Hara. She's not in good shape. I heard she only ran 1:13:45 in the Kobe half marathon. I'm worried that Akane Wakita might beat Hara. Akane beated Hara by over 3 minutes in Kobe. And it's going to be hard to beat Akaba.