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Nogami and Mutiso Run Fastest Winning Times in a Decade at Sendai International Half

2018 Jakarta Asian Games marathon silver medalist Keiko Nogami (Juhachi Ginko) turned in one of the best performances of her career Sunday, taking almost two minutes off her half marathon best to win the Sendai International Half Marathon in 1:09:27. One of just fifteen women to have qualified for Japan's MGC Race 2020 Olympic marathon trials, Nogami quickly dropped the more accomplished Rei Ohara (Tenmaya), also an MGC qualifier, to run the last 3/4 of the race alone en route to the fastest winning time in Sendai since 2009. Ohara was next in 1:10:25, with 10000 m collegiate record holder Hikari Yoshimoto (Daihatsu) 3rd in a PB of 1:12:39.

Locally-based Kenyan Alexander Mutiso (ND Software) won the men's race with the same kind of margin as Nogami, running 1:01:10 for the win, Sendai's fastest time since 2010. Back on the roads for the first time since his crash-and-burn shot at a 2:04 at March's Tokyo Marathon, Yuki Sato (Nissin Shokuhin) was 2nd in 1:02:30 ahead of Sendai native Kenta Murayama (Asahi Kasei). Including Sato five MGC qualifiers made the top ten, including Ryo Hashimoto (GMO) in 4th, Daichi Kamino (New Balance) in 7th, Yoshiki Takenouchi (NTT Nishi Nihon) in 8th and 2016 Sendai winner Masato Imai (Toyota Kyushu) in 10th. Expect to see the same kinds of MGC qualifier numbers at the summer's main half marathons like Hakodate and Gold Coast as they tune up for the Sept. 15 Olympic trials race.

29th Sendai International Half Marathon

Sendai, Miyagi, 5/12/19
complete results

1. Keiko Nogami (Juhachi Ginko) - 1:09:27
2. Rei Ohara (Tenmaya) - 1:10:25
3. Hikari Yoshimoto (Daihatsu) - 1:12:39
4. Kaena Takeyama (Daihatsu) - 1:12:58
5. Kanako Takemoto (Daihatsu) - 1:13:14
6. Chiharu Suzuki (Hitachi) - 1:14:03
7. Hiroko Miyauchi (Hokuren) - 1:15:48
8. Saki Tokoro (Kyocera) - 1:17:02
9. Aki Odagiri (Takemura Seisakusho) - 1:17:24
10. Mai Fujisawa (Sapporo Excel AC) - 1:19:12

1. Alexander Mutiso (ND Software) - 1:01:10
2. Yuki Sato (Nissin Shokuhin) - 1:02:30
3. Kenta Murayama (Asahi Kasei) - 1:02:47
4. Ryo Hashimoto (GMO) - 1:02:55
5. Peter Mwangi (Comody Iida) - 1:02:55
6. Akito Terui (ND Software) - 1:03:01
7. Daichi Kamino (New Balance) - 1:03:05
8. Yoshiki Takenouchi (NTT Nishi Nihon) - 1:03:08
9. Hiroki Miura (Nissin Shokuhin) - 1:03:14
10. Masato Imai (Toyota Jidoshokki) - 1:03:19

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