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Wilson Kipsang Wins Tokushima Marathon

The 2018 Tokushima Marathon took place Mar. 25 in the city of Tokushima, starting in front of the Tokushima Prefectural Government offices and running along a course along the Yoshino River. 12,400 people took part. Overseas invited elite athlete Wilson Kipsang (Kenya), the 2012 London Olympics bronze medalist, won in 2:19:35. Local runner Takumi Matsumoto was 2nd. Kipsang's time was just over four minutes off the course record of 2:15:25 set by Yuki Kawauchi in 2014.

Kipsang is in the process of establishing a fund to support improvement of the living environment and education of children in his home country and is taking part in activities to support that end. At 2:00 p.m. he held a session at Aibahama Park in Tokushima to sign autographs and ask for support for his project.

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translated by Brett Larner

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