Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hakone Ekiden Posts 28% Viewship Rating on Day One, 27.8% on Day Two


translated by Brett Larner

On Jan. 4 Video Research Ltd. announced that the NTV broadcast of the Jan. 2-3 Hakone Ekiden attracted average viewship ratings of 28.0% on the first day of the race on Jan. 2 and 27.8% on the second day, Jan. 3.  In the Hakone Ekiden Aoyama Gakuin University unexpectedly led the entire way from the start to score its second-straight win.  Last year's ratings of 28.2% on Day One and 28.3% on Day Two were the highest average TV viewership ratings in the entire year.  This year's ratings were also high, but was Aoyama Gakuin's running simply too dominant?  It's possible that this may have been a reason for the slight decrease in ratings.

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