Friday, September 28, 2012

Kano Hoping to Kickstart Career in Berlin

translated by Brett Larner

Yuri Kano (Team Shiseido) and other top athletes running the Sept. 30 Berlin Marathon appeared at a press conference Sept. 27.  "In Berlin I want to get things off to a good start building toward my future marathons," she said of her ambitions.  Kano, 33, finished 7th in the 2009 Berlin World Championships marathon, going on the next year to win the 2010 Nagoya International Women's Marathon.  Of her training for this weekend's race she said, "Even though I wasn't feeling good I pushed through and did two months of altitude training."  She is hopeful of running a good time.

Translator's note: Along with Kano, 2010 Tokyo Marathon winner Masakazu Fujiwara (Team Honda), 2:11 men Atsushi Ikawa (Team Otsuka Seiyaku) and Suehiro Ishikawa (Team Honda) and others are scheduled to run Berlin.

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