Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kano 3rd at Grand-Prix von Bern 10-Miler

by Brett Larner

2010 Nagoya International Women's Marathon winner Yuri Kano (Second Wind AC) was 3rd at the May 14 Grand Prix von Bern 10-Miler in Switzerland in her first serious race since pulling out of last month's London Marathon. Kenyan Monica Jepkoech and Hungarian Aniko Kalovics ran side-by-side throughout the race, finishing 1-2 in 55:55, while Kano ran a solo performance further back to finish in 57:25. Her teammate Yumi Hirata (Second Wind AC) started more conservatively and advanced through the field to finish 5th in 58:44. Kenyan Daniel Chebii took the men's race easily in 48:18.

2011 Grand-Prix von Bern 10-Miler
1. Daniel Chebii (Kenya) - 48:18
2. Abraham Tadesse (Eritrea) - 49:16
3. Alemayehu Wodajo (Ethiopia) - 49:16

1. Monica Jepkoech (Kenya) - 55:55
2. Aniko Kalovics (Hungary) - 55:55
3. Yuri Kano (Second Wind AC) - 57:25
5. Yumi Hirata (Second Wind AC) - 58:44

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