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National Corporate Women's Ekiden Championships - Start Lists

by Brett Larner

Start lists for today's National Jitsugyodan Women's Ekiden Championships are now available. Click here for a link to the list of names in Japanese. Some notable names:

First Stage
Yoshiko Fujinaga (Team Shiseido)
Tomoka Inadomi (Team Wacoal)
Mizuho Nasukawa (Team Univ. Ent.)

Second Stage
Betelhem Moges (Ethiopia/Team Denso)
Ann Karindi (Kenya/Team Toyota Jidoshokki)
Felista Wanjugu (Kenya/Team Univ. Ent.)
Christine Muyanga (Kenya/Team Panasonic)
Grace Kimanzi (Kenya/Team Starts)
Doricah Obare (Kenya/Team Hitachi)

Third Stage
Yoko Shibui (Team Mitsui Sumitomo Kaijo)
Yurika Nakamura (Team Tenmaya)
Misaki Katsumata (Team Daiichi Seimei)
Kayoko Fukushi (Team Wacoal)
Kayo Sugihara (Team Denso)
Ryoko Kizaki (Team Daihatsu)
Yukiko Akaba (Team Hokuren)
Kazue Kojima (Team Toyota Jidoshokki)
Hiroko Shoi (Team Nihon ChemiCon)
Yuko Shimizu (Team Sekisui Kagaku)
Mika Yoshikawa (Team Panasonic)
Mizuki Noguchi (Team Sysmex)
Mai Ito (Team Otsuka Seiyaku)

Fourth Stage
Yuka Kakimi (Team Daiichi Seimei)
Yumi Sato (Team Shiseido)
Miya Nishio (Team Univ. Ent.)

Fifth Stage
Miki Ohira (Team Mitsui Sumitomo Kaijo)
Risa Shigetomo (Team Tenmaya)
Azusa Nojiri (Team Daiichi Seimei)
Saori Nejo (Team Hokuren)
Akane Wakita (Team Toyota Jidoshoki)
Yuko Machida (Team Nihon ChemiCon)
Madoka Ogi (Team Juhachi Ginko)
Maki Suzawa (Team Yamada Denki)
Megumi Seike (Team Sysmex)

Sixth Stage
Kaori Urata (Team Tenmaya)
Miyuki Ando (Team Daiichi Seimei)
Noriko Higuchi (Team Wacoal)
Hitomi Niiya (Team Toyota Jidoshoki)
Nami Tani (Team Univ. Ent.)
Megumi Kanetomo (Team Yamada Denki)
Seika Nishikawa (Team Sysmex)

(c) 2010 Brett Larner
all rights reserved


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