Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Miyauchi in Tears in Shanghai


translated by Brett Larner

Invited athlete Yoko Miyauchi (Team Kyocera) finished 2nd at the 2010 Toray Shanghai Half Marathon in Shanghai, China on Dec. 5, running 1:14:40 behind the Chinese winner, who clocked 1:13:20. Miyauchi wept openly after finishing, telling reporters, "Japanese women have won here the last two years, so I came here determined to continue the streak. I'm incredibly disappointed."

Miyauchi ran head to head with the Chinese runner for most of the race but fell behind at 17 km after her legs grew heavy. "I thought I'd be able to keep with her, but.....I guess I did a bad job of pacing it." Looking toward the future, Miyauchi said, "Life goes on even after a race like this. I'm going to use this run as a step up towards a marathon."

Translator's note: Yoko Miyauchi is the only Japanese woman to have broken 70 minutes for the half marathon this year.

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