Friday, March 26, 2010

Women Tuning Up Worldwide for London Marathon

by Brett Larner

Looking through results this week from various half marathons around the world I noticed that a number of the top women from next month's London Marathon ran tuneups last Sunday. Here's what I have come across so far. Please send any additions. Both the Jitsugyodan and Matsue half marathons had extremely windy conditions; Japan had such a windy weekend that the 10,000+ runner Arakawa Marathon was cancelled due to the conditions.

2010 London Marathon Elite Women - 3/21/10 Half Marathon Results
Mara Yamauchi (GBR) - 1:09:25 (1st, NYC Half)
Deena Kastor (U.S.A.) - 1:09:43 (2nd, NYC Half)
Yoshimi Ozaki (Team Daiichi Seimei) - 1:10:06 (2nd, Jitsugyodan Half)
Askale Tafa (Ethiopia) - 1:10:46 (2nd, Lisbon Half)
Kim Smith (New Zealand) - 1:10:53 (1st, New Bedford Half)
Yukiko Akaba (Team Hokuren) - 1:11:09 (2nd, Matsue Ladies' Half)
Constantina Dita (Romania) - 1:14:39 (9th, Lisbon Half)


Anonymous said...

Kim Smith ran 1:07:55 a few weeks earlier in New Orleans.

Brett Larner said...

Thanks, yes, I saw that one. I was just looking for other results from last Sunday.