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'Ngetich, Ozaki Prevail in ‘Battle of Marathon’ – Athens Marathon Report'

Note: Popular fan website mistakenly states that Athens winner Akemi Ozaki and Second Wind teammate Yuri Kano are coached by a woman. Both are coached by former Team Shiseido head coach Manabu Kawagoe, who is in fact a man. Ozaki's younger sister Yoshimi, the 2009 Berlin World Championships women's marathon silver medalist, is coached by Sachiko Yamashita, a woman and World Championships women's marathon silver medalist in her own right.

Men's race 7th place finisher Masaru Takamizawa is engaged to Akemi Ozaki and Yuri Kano's third teammate Kiyoko Shimahara who will run this week's first edition of the Yokohama International Women's Marathon.


shibuyaboy said…
I was thinking the same thing 笑
Brett Larner said…
In the first paragraph I talk about Ozaki and Kano. In the next paragraph I say he is engaged to their third teammate Kiyoko Shimahara. Nothing wrong with my grammar. And you?

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