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Doha World Championships Day Five Japanese Results

All three of Japan's men in the Doha World Championships high jump washed out in the qualification round on Day Five. Domestic hopes were high for world ranked #1 Naoto Tobe, but clearing only 2.26 m he took 7th in his group to miss the cut. Teammates Ryo Sato and Takashi Eto were farther off their best, clearing only 2.22 m and 2.17 m respectively.

At the other end of the spectrum, Julian Walsh ran a PB 45.14 to make the semi-finals in the men's 400 m, 2nd in his heat behind the great Kirani James. His time put him at all-time Japanese #4, but Walsh will need to improve on it further to have a shot at making the final tomorrow.

Doha World Athletics Championships

Day Five Japanese Results
Doha, Qatar, 1 Oct. 2019
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Qualifying Rounds

Men's 400 m Heat 2
1. Kirani James (Grenada) - 44.94 - Q
2. Julian Walsh (Japan) - 45.14 - Q, PB
3. Vernon Norwood (U.S.A.) - 45.59 - Q
4. Steven Solomon (Australia) - 45.82 - q
5. Derrick Mokaleng (South Africa) - 45.87
6. Luka Janezic (Slovenia) - 46.84
7. Tikie Terry Mael (Vanuatu) - 48.52 - PB

Men's High Jump Qualification Group A
1. Mutaz Essa Barshim (Qatar) - 2.29 m - q
2. Ilya Ivanyuk (ANA) - 2.29 m - q
3. Brandon Starc (Australia) - 2.29 m - q
12. Ryo Sato (Japan) - 2.22 m

Men's High Jump Qualification Group B
1. Mikhail Akimenko (ANA) - 2.29 m - q
2. Michael Mason (Canada) - 2.29 m - q
3. Yu Wang (China) - 2.29 m - q
7. Naoto Tobe (Japan) - 2.26 m
12. Takashi Eto (Japan) - 2.17 m

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