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Chicago Marathon Japanese Results

After moving up to the top ranks of amateur Japanese women's marathoning with a 2:36:37 PB at this year's Tokyo Marathon, club runner Shiho Kaneshige (GRlab Kanto) took another big step with a 2:33:16 PB for 14th at the Chicago Marathon. Running almost perfectly evenly, her first 5 km 18:11 and none after that faster than 17:49 or slower than 18:17, Kaneshige managed a slight negative split with a 1:16:46 first half and 1:16:30 second half. Just short of rival club runner Haruka Yamaguchi's 2:33:09 PB in Sydney last month, with that kind of control Kaneshige looks to have plenty more room for growth.

On the men's side, four Japanese men, Minato Oishi (Toyota), Tsubasa Hayakawa (Toyota), Ryoma Takeuchi (Hitachi Butsuryu) and Yuta Takahashi (Otsuka Seiyaku), went out in the second pack with the main leading group of American men. The fastest Japanese half marathoner so far this year, Oishi was almost as steady as Kaneshige the entire way as he opened with a 15:25 first 5 km and was between 15:27 and 15:45 the rest of the way. A 6:47 closing split after 40 km wasn't quite enough to get him under 2:11, but Oishi still came in with a 2:11:02 for 13th.

His Toyota teammate Hayakawa was with him until almost 35 km before starting to drop off, losing most of his ground after 40 km to take 20th in 2:12:25. Takeuchi faded harder after 35 km but also came back harder at the end, finishing one second and place behind Hayakawa after being down 21 seconds at 40 km. Takeuchi, a 2:11:20 marathoner, lost touch after 15 km and ultimately dropped out just past 30 km as he continued to slow.

2019 Chicago Marathon

Chicago, U.S.A., 10/13/19
complete results

1. Brigid Kosgei (Kenya) - 2:14:04 - WR
2. Ababel Yeshaneh (Ethiopia) - 2:20:51
3. Gelete Burka (Ethiopia) - 2:20:55
4. Emma Bates (U.S.A.) - 2:25:27
5. Fionnuala McCormack (Ireland) - 2:26:47
6. Stephanie Bruce (U.S.A.) - 2:27:47
7. Lindsay Flanagan (U.S.A.) - 2:28:08
8. Laura Thweatt (U.S.A.) - 2:29:06
9. Lisa Weightman (Australia) - 2:29:45
10. Taylor Ward (U.S.A.) - 2:30:14
14. Shiho Kaneshige (Japan) - 2:33:16

1. Lawrence Cherono (Kenya) - 2:05:45
2. Dejene Debela (Ethiopia) - 2:05:46
3. Asefa Mengistu (Ethiopia) - 2:05:48
4. Bedan Karoki (Kenya) - 2:05:53
5. Bashir Abdi (Belgium) - 2:06:14
6. Seifu Tura (Ethiopia) - 2:08:35
7. Dickson Chumba (Kenya) - 2:09:11
8. Mo Farah (Great Britain) - 2:09:58
9. Jacob Riley (U.S.A.) - 2:10:36
10. Jerrell Mock (U.S.A.) - 2:10:37
13. Minato Oishi (Japan) - 2:11:02
20. Tsubasa Hayakawa (Japan) - 2:12:25
21. Ryoma Takeuchi (Japan) - 2:12:26
DNF - Yuta Takahashi (Japan)

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In the race of the day, Benard Kibet Koech (Kyudenko) went out front in the men's 10000 m from the gun, opening a lead of more than 5 seconds over a small chase pack led by Bedan Karoki (Toyota) at just over 27:20 pace. Karoki reeled Koech in over the second half, but when he was caught Koech didn't lie down, fighting back and retaking the lead repeatedly. With 200 m to go it looked like Karoki would get away, but in the home straight Koech came back again to win in 27:14.84, a PB and the fastest time in the world so far this year. Karoki was next in a quality 27:15.97, with Cleophas Kandie (MHPS) 3rd in 27:51.19. Tatsuhiko Ito (Honda), one of the stars of the Second Stage at this year's Hakone Ekiden, running a 60-second final lap to clear 28, taking 4th in 27:58.43 in his corporate league debut…

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*1:05:34 half marathoner Rosemary Monica Wanjiru (Starts) and Sayaka Sato (Sekisui Kagaku) in the women's 5000 m A-heat at 18:25.
Jonathan Ndiku (Hitachi Butsuryu), Hideyuki Tanaka (Fujitsu), Hiroki Matsueda (Fujitsu) and Masaki Toda (Sunbelx) in the men's 5000 m A-heat at 18:45.
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At the 75th Kagoshima Prefecture Championships, 17-year-old Cynthia Baire (Kamimura Gakuen H.S.) ran U20 world-leading times in both the women's 1500 m and 5000 m, running 4:10.67 to win the 1500 m Saturday and then 15:14.30 Sunday to win the 5000 m. Both times were also meet records. On Friday 36-year-old amateur Takahiro Nakamura, who ran a 1:00:57 half marathon in February, won the men's 10000 m for the fifth year in a row, running a meet record 29:23.09. Sunday he was back to try to score the 5000 m title too but was outrun by Kanta Tokumaru (Kagoshima Jitsugyo H.S.) 14:18.21 to 14:28.36. Tokumaru was doubling off a win in the 1500 m Saturday in 3:57.17.
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