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Kumanichi 30 km Road Race Elite Field

63rd Kumanichi 30 km Road Race

Elite Field Highlights
Kumamoto, 2/17/19
complete field listing
times listed are best half marathon times in last 3 years except where noted

Anna Matsuda (Kyocera) - 1:10:52 (Gold Coast 2018)
Yuko Kikuchi (Hokuren) - 1:12:25 (Sanyo 2017)
Nanayo Okamoto (Osaka Gakuin Univ.) - 1:12:31 (Osaka 2019)
Chika Ihara (Higo Ginko) - 1:12:35 (Sanyo 2018)
Kikuyo Tsuzaki (Noritz) - 1:12:42 (Sanyo 2017)
Sakie Arai (Higo Ginko) - 1:12:45 (Matsue Ladies 2016)
Hiroko Miyauchi (Hokuren) - 1:13:39 (Sanyo 2017)
Megumi Hirai (Canon AC Kyushu) - 1:14:29 (Sanyo 2017)
Minori Goto (Canon AC Kyushu) - 1:14:41 (Osaka 2017)

Ken Nakayama (Chuo Univ.) - 1:01:32 (Ageo 2018)
Keita Yoshida (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 1:01:46 (Marugame 2019)
Kei Katanishi (Komazawa Univ.) - 1:01:50 (Yosenkai 2018)
Kazuto Kawabata (Konica Minolta) - 1:02:23 (Marugame 2017)
Reiri Nakashima (Tokai Univ.) - 1:02:28 (Ageo 2018)
Yuki Kawauchi (Saitama Pref. Gov't) - 1:02:49 (Ageo 2018)
Shintaro Miwa (NTN) - 1:02:49 (Niigata 2018)
Haruki Minatoya (Tokai Univ.) - 1:02:52 (Niigata 2018)
Ryoichi Yoshida (Kyudenko) - 1:03:02 (Ageo 2016)
Shun Yuzawa (Tokai Univ.) - 1:03:07 (Kanagawa 2018)
Ryoya Nishikawa (Toenec) - 1:03:27 (Inuyama 2016)
Taiju Nakashima (Meiji Univ.) - 1:03:48 (Marugame 2018)
Yuta Kanbayashi (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) - 1:03:56 (Setagaya 2018)

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Cheboitibin Breaks Seko's Course Record at Ome 30 km

One of Japan's longest-standing course records at its elite races fell Sunday as Kenyan Ezekiel Cheboitibin (Sunbelx) beat the great Toshihiko Seko's 38-year-old Ome 30 km Road Race record by almost 30 seconds.

Tough and hilly with a net climb in the first half and descent on the return trip, Ome is a standard spring marathon prep run and a natural partner for April's Boston Marathon, with which it has a longstanding athlete exchange program. The 2017 Ome winner, this time out Cheboitibin was gunning for Seko's record from the start, hitting the mostly uphill 10 km completely solo in 29:47, 20 km midway through the return trip in 59:30, and saving his fastest 10 km split for the end as he crossed the finish line in 1:29:06. Seko's 1:29:32 just two months before his first Boston win had made him the only man in Ome history to break 90 minutes. With the best performance of his career Cheboitibin turned the page on that history.

With the withdrawal of Fukuoka winner

Last Chance for Tokyo 2020? - Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon Elite Field

With just under three weeks to go the organizers of the Mar. 10 Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon's 74th running have finally released the elite field. For Japanese men it's the last chance - almost - to qualify for September's MGC Race 2020 Olympic marathon trials, the last domestic race with up to six spots up for grabs for anyone under 2:11:00 or 2:10:00 and more for anyone else under 2:08:30 or averaging under 2:11:00 between Lake Biwa and another marathon in the last year and a half. The window on that last two-race option runs through April 30th so there will still be a few chances left, but realistically for most of the men at Lake Biwa this is it, all or nothing for a home soil Olympic team.

There's a good international field of twelve African-born runners of eight nationalities at the 2:06 to 2:09 level to help pull the Japanese men to hit those times. Last year's winner Macharia Ndirangu (Kenya/Aichi Seiko) is back, ranked 6th in a field led by 2:06 men Deribe…

Beppu-Oita Marathon to Review Staff Training After Interpreter Refers to African Athletes as "Chimpanzees"

On Feb. 14 the organizers of the Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon confirmed that a local woman in her fifties who served as an interpreter at this year's race had published a blog post in which she referred to the African athletes on whose behalf she had worked as "chimpanzees." The woman said she had no malicious or racist intent behind her comments, but a spokesperson for the organizers called her choice of words "inappropriate." Organizers plan to review their training and guidance procedures for all race management staff members.

The Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon took place in the two cities on Feb. 3. According to the spokesperson, the blog to which the woman posted the comments is for members of a sports club to which she belongs to report on what they have been doing. On Feb. 10 she wrote about her work with the African athletes, posting it with public access so that anyone could read it. She described the struggle of talking to the African athletes, saying …