Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Starting Gun at Sendai Half Malfunctioned 10 Seconds Before Start


translated and edited by Brett Larner

Just before the start of the May 10 Sendai International Half Marathon in central Sendai, the electronic pistol used to start the race experienced a malfunction, emitting sound 10 seconds before the official start time.  According to race officials, the malfunction occurred in the pistol's electrical system before guest starter Mayor Emiko Okuyama pulled the trigger.  Few runners starting running when the false signal occurred, and the race began as scheduled when officials gave the verbal command, "Start!"  Results from the race will still be officially certified. 

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TokyoRacer said...

Yes, that was funny. Even back in B corral we realized something went wrong. There was no "ten seconds to go", just a little pop and no gun sound. We were all like, Uh...what?
The poor mayor missed her moment of glory.