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Payton Jordan Invitational - Japanese Results

Stanford, CA, U.S.A., 5/4/14
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Men's 10000 m Section 1
1. Juan Luis Barrios (Mexico) - 27:34.40
2. Cam Levins (Canada) - 27:36.00
3. Bashir Abdi (Belgium) - 27:36.40
4. Daniel Meucci (Italy) - 27:36.53
5. Shadrack Kipchirchir (Kenya/Oklahome State Univ.) - 27:36.79
8. Yuki Sato (Japan/Team Nissin Shokuhin) - 27:46.69
12. Zewdie Miliyon (Kenya/Team Yachiyo Kogyo) - 28:04.64
13. Tetsuya Yoroizaka (Japan/Team Asahi Kasei) - 28:05.67

Women's 10000 m
1. Sally Kipyego (Kenya) - 30:42.26
2. Molly Huddle (U.S.A.) - 30:47.59
3. Betsy Saina (Kenya) - 30:57.30
4. Jordan Hassay (U.S.A.) - 31:39.67
5. Julia Bleasdale (GBR) - 31:42.02
7. Doricah Obare (Kenya/Team Hitachi) - 31:45.24
9. Kasumi Nishihara (Japan/Team Yamada Denki) - 32:09.84
10. Kotomi Takayama (Japan/Team Sysmex) - 32:15.20
11. Miho Ihara (Japan/Team Sekisui Kagaku) - 32:15.42
21. Mao Kuroda (Japan/Team Wacoal) - 32:41.92
30. Misaki Kato (Japan/Team Kyudenko) - 33:01.30
34. Shiho Takechi (Japan/Team Yamada Denki) - 33:42.43

Women's 5000 m Section 1
1. Sifan Hassan (Netherlands) - 14:59.23
2. Meraf Bahta (Sweden) - 14:59.49
3. Katie Mackey (U.S.A.) - 15:04.74
4. Laura Thweatt (U.S.A.) - 15:04.98
5. Emelia Gorecka (GBR) - 15:07.45
10. Riko Matsuzaki (Japan/Team Sekisui Kagaku) - 15:22.67
14. Yuika Mori (Japan/Team Yamada Denki) - 15:30.01
25. Risa Kikuchi (Japan/Team Hitachi) - 16:05.92
26. Akari Ota (Japan/Team Tenmaya) - 16:16.86

Men's 3000 mSC Section 1
1. William Nelson (U.S.A.) - 8:28.49
2. Anthony Rotich (Kenya) - 8:30.54
3. Aric Van Halen (U.S.A.) - 8:32.92
10. Jun Shinoto (Japan/Team Sanyo Tokushu Seiko) - 9:07.61

Men's 1500 m Section 3
1. Peter Callahan (U.S.A.) - 3:42.62
2. Daniel Herrera (Chile) - 3:42.94
3. Thomas Solberg Eide (Norway) - 3:43.10
4. Suguru Osako (Japan/Team Nissin Shokuhin) - 3:43.19


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Berlin Marathon - Japanese Results

Fresh off a 1:00:17 half marathon national record last weekend and a 28:55 road 10 km the one before, Yuta Shitara (Honda) lived up to expectations at today's Berlin Marathon, trying to go with the lead group and running the first part of the race alone between the first and second groups.

Whatever his plan, Shitara was swallowed up by the second pack, a good turn of events as it was travelling ahead of Japanese national record pace on track for just sub-2:06. Shitara hung with that group through 25 km before his projected time started to creep away, drifting to high-2:06 pace by 30 km, high-2:07 by 35 km, and high-2:08 by 40 km. In the end he was well short of Toshinari Takaoka's 2:06:16 national record, but with a 2:09:03 for 6th Shitara took 24 seconds off his best with the fastest Japanese men's performance in Berlin since Takayuki Inubushi's then-NR 2:06:57 in 1999. And just 8 days after the greatest half marathon performance in Japanese history.

『ベルリンマラソン動画 設楽悠太…

Yuta Shitara Breaks Japanese Men's Half Marathon National Record in Berlin Marathon Tuneup at Usti nad Labem Half

A week after his 28:55 at the Birell Prague Grand Prix 10 km and just eight days out from the Berlin Marathon, Yuta Shitara (Honda) made the great leap forward, taking 8 seconds off Atsushi Sato's 2007 half marathon Japanese national record, finishing 8th at the Czech Republic's Usti nad Labem Half Marathon.

Shitara is probably most well-known outside Japan for going through halfway under 62 minutes during his marathon debut at this year's Tokyo Marathon and still ending up with a 2:09:27, but he's been turning heads in Japan since his second year at Toyo University when he broke a stage record at the 2012 Hakone Ekiden and outkicked the U.S.A.'s Dathan Ritzenhein to finish in 1:01:48 at the NYC Half two months later, until this year the fastest time ever by a Japanese man on U.S soil.

Three weeks before Tokyo this year he ran a 1:01:19 PB at the Marugame Half. Many people would call that a solid tuneup three weeks out from a serious marathon, but eight days? In P…

Ayuko Suzuki Leaves for Altitude Training in Boulder Motivated for the Marathon

2017 London World Championships 5000 m and 10000 m runner Ayuko Suzuki (25, Japan Post) left from Narita Airport on Sept. 18 for altitude training in Boulder, Colorado.

Two days earlier at a half marathon in Czech Republic, Yuta Shitara (25, Honda), like Suzuki born in 1991, broke the 10-year-old Japanese men's half marathon national record in a time of 1:00:17. "It's a big motivation to see an athlete the same age as me doing something like that," she said. Showing her determination to be one of her generation's leaders, she added, "I'll be 28 [at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics], right in my prime mentally and physically. I want to run big too."

In the leadup to the Tokyo Olympics Suzuki has the marathon in sight along with the track. "I need to run a half marathon and marathon somewhere once to check [how well they suit me]," she said. "Coach and I will be talking about it." If everything goes according to plan, December's Sanyo …