Saturday, November 3, 2012

Takeshi Soh Named Head of Men's Marathoning

translated by Brett Larner

On Nov. 1 Rikuren, the Japanese athletics federation, announced the names of the new members of its strengthening committee.  Taking over as head of men's middle distance, long distance and marathoning is Team Asahi Kasei head coach Takeshi Soh.  Team Tenmaya head coach Yutaka Taketomi remains in place as head of the women's distance program.

Koji Ito, holder of the Japanese men's 100 m national record of 10.00, was named the new head of men's sprinting, while former 400 mH national record holder and strengthening committee vice-chairman Kazuhiko Yamazaki will act as head of the committee's actualization division.

In the lead-up to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics the strengthening committee will be organized into three main divisions, track and field, middle, long distance and road, and actualization.  Newly-named strengthening committee director Yasuhiro Harada will also serve as head of the track and field division.

Translator's note: Soh replaces Team Chugoku Denryoku head coach Yasushi Sakaguchi as men's distance head.

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