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Yoshida and Ogi 1-2 in Gold Coast Marathon, Kawauchi 4th

translated and edited by Brett Larner

Click photo for complete race video.

At the July 1 Gold Coast Marathon in Australia, Kaori Yoshida (Amino Vital AC) won the women's race in 2:30:36.  Madoka Ogi (Team Juhachi Ginko) ran 2:33:48 for 2nd.  In the men's race Yuki Kawauchi (Saitama Pref.) was 4th overall in 2:13:26.

2012 Gold Coast Airport Marathon
Queensland, Australia, 7/1/12
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Note: There are wide disparities between the net and gross times listed in the official results.  The times listed below are based on the apparent gross times and will be adjusted pending further information.

1. Kaori Yoshida (Amino Vital AC) - 2:30:36
2. Madoka Ogi (Team Juhachi Ginko) - 2:33:48
3. Hellen Kimutai (Kenya) - 2:36:45
4. Filomena Costa (Portugal) - 2:40:57
5. Chihiro Tanaka (AthleC AC) - 2:40:58

1. Alemayehu Shumye (Ethiopia) - 2:10:35
2. Robert Mwangi (Kenya) - 2:12:19
3. Ernest Kebenei (Kenya) - 2:12:49
4. Yuki Kawauchi (Saitama Pref.) - 2:13:26
5. Jonathan Peters (Australia) - 2:20:05


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Betsudai - the Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon
daigaku - university
ekiden - a long-distance relay race
faito - a courseside audience cheer; see ganbatte
ganbatte (ganbare) - a courseside audience cheer; see faito
gasshuku - an intensive training camp
Hakone Ekiden - the annual university men`s championships
jitsugyodan - corporate-sponsored professional running teams
onsen - a hot spring
Q-chan - Naoko Takahashi, the 2000 Sydney Olympics women`s marathon gold medalist, Olympic record holder and first woman to break 2:20 in the marathon
rikujo - track and field, the marathon, and other running events
Rikuren - the JAAF
tasuki - the sash which is handed off during an ekiden
zannen - too bad
otaku - a nerdy, socially awkward person, usually male, who is obsessed with some esoteric topic