Friday, October 14, 2011

TEPCO Ekiden Team Suspension Continues With No Sign of Return to Activity

translated by Brett Larner

On Oct. 13 TEPCO announced that as a consequence of the ongoing situation at its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant the suspension of its men's long distance and ekiden team will continue indefinitely.  There are no plans for the team to compete in corporate league competition and, at the present time, it cannot take part in the fall and winter ekiden season.

Following March's earthquake and tsunami disaster the TEPCO team's athletes and coaching staff have all been sent to work in Fukushima.  A team representative commented, "We have no restrictions on them running races independently."

Translator's note: In reality, many of the team's athletes, including aces Yoshihiro Wakamatsu and Tomohiro Shiiya, have quit TEPCO since the announcement that they would be sent to work on Fukushima cleanup efforts and have been hired by other teams.  Wakamatsu now runs for Team Nissin Shokuhin and Shiiya for Team Toyota Boshoku.

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