Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tokyo Marathon Considers Eliminating 10 km Division

translated by Brett Larner

The Tokyo Marathon Foundation has announced a plan to eliminate its 10 km road race, held alongside the 30,000+ runner marathon, beginning with next year's race to be held in February. The move would allow them to increase the field size to 36,000 including charity entry spots. The proposal will be officially decided upon at June's general meeting, but sources connected with the Foundation said it is likely to be ratified.

According to the race office, major overseas marathons typically do not hold simultaneous races such as the 10 km, and elimination of the 10 km would allow them to focus on improving the experience of the marathon event as a whole. However, because the 10 km allows the handicapped and others to participate in the event, news of the possible closure of the event has drawn protest from handicapped groups who say, "This decision needs more careful thought."

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