Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saeki 2nd at Rotorua Marathon

translated by Brett Larner

2100 runners took part in the 46th Rotorua Marathon on May 1 in New Zealand. The sister race to Japan's Kawaguchiko Marathon, Rotorua invited top-ranking Kawaguchiko finisher Tsutomu Saeki (34, Hiratsuka City Hall) to this year's race. Saeki was in the lead at 38 km, but in the last km he fell behind and ended up 2nd in 2:27:09, 15 seconds behind winner Dale Warrander (36, New Zealand). "I'm not getting any younger and lately I've been feeling that it might be over, but this race showed me I can still do it," a pleased Saeki commented after the race. "It was a rejeuvenating race."

Johanna Ottosson (32, New Zealand) won the women's race in 2:50:19. Exchange student Kentaro Yamada (23, Tokyo Univ.) was 12th in the men's race in 2:51:56.

Translator's note: Thanks to JRN reader Jason Lawrence for assistance with the Kiwi athletes' names.

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