Monday, May 10, 2010

Central Japan Corporate T&F Meet - Results

by Brett Larner

The spring regional corporate track and field championship season began May 8 with the first day of the Chugoku Jitsugyodan Track and Field Championships, the regional meet for central Japan. Each of the regional meets throughout the country is spread over two consecutive weekends, with the Chugoku region's men's and women's 5000 m the first events to take place. Many of the biggest names sat the races out in favor of the May 9 Sendai International Half Marathon and next weekend's 10000 m, leaving easy wins for Kenyans Joseph Gitau (Team JFE Steel) and Danielle Filomena Cheyech (Team Uniqlo).

2010 Chugoku Jitsugyodan T&F Championships - Top Finishers
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Men's 5000 m
1. Joseph Gitau (Kenya/Team JFE Steel) - 13:49.85
2. Takuya Ishikawa (Team Chugoku Denryoku) - 13:50.70
3. Akihiko Tsumurai (Team Mazda) - 13:50.94
4. Naoki Okamoto (Team Chugoku Denryoku) - 13:52.30
5. Tetsuya Sasaki (Team Chudenko) - 14:04.15

Women's 5000 m
1. Danielle Filomena Cheyech (Kenya/Team Uniqlo) - 15:43.32
2. Kaori Urata (Team Tenmaya) - 16:12.25
3. Yoshie Kurisu (Team Tenmaya) - 16:31.78
4. Miku Kugio (Team Tenmaya) - 16:40.47
5. Rina Nomura (Team Uniqlo) - 16:47.14

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