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Osaka Mayor Hashimoto Announces Osaka Marathon for 2011

translated by Brett Larner

On Aug. 5 the Osaka metropolitan government confirmed its plans to stage the first Osaka Marathon in 2011. With a planned field size of 30,000 the Osaka Marathon is intended to be a large-scale civic event like the nation's largest marathon, the Tokyo Marathon. The Osaka metropolitan government and Rikuren are expected to hold a press conference later this month to formally announce the new race.

Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto told reporters, "People may think of this as just 'Tokyo Marathon pt. II,' but we want this to be an event which shows off Osaka's most famous spots and gives people a taste of what's unique about us as a city. We think it's going to be a fun marathon."

The Osaka Marathon will take place in the fall season between October and December, 2011, and is expected to include a half marathon or 10 km race as well as a wheelchair division.


ben hollis said…
I would just like to know when hashimoto sama will be thinking of taking enteries for the Osaka marathon.
Also I am an Australian and British citizen and I am not sure which country I will be living in when it comes to apply. How easy will it be to apply living in either country with my limited Japanese. Domo arigato!!

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