Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2010 Interprefectural Ekiden Winners to Receive New Emperor's Cup

translated by Brett Larner

On Aug. 4 Rikuren announced that beginning next year, the winning teams in the National Interprefectural Ekiden in Hiroshima and the National Interprefectural Women's Ekiden in Kyoto will receive new Emperor's Cup trophies. Rikuren director Yohei Kono received the two trophies from incoming Imperial Household Agency director Noriyuki Kazeoka at a ceremony at the Agency. Kono commented, "These cups will be a tremendous honor for the winning teams. Through the Emperor's blessing the Interprefectural Ekiden will from now on become an event of the utmost importance and respect to citizens nationwide."

Click here for photos of the new Emperor's Cup trophies.

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