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Satoshi Osaki Apologizes for Olympic Marathon DNS

translated by Brett Larner

Satoshi Osaki (32, Team NTT Nishi Nihon), who withdrew from the Beijing Olympics men's marathon, arrived at Kansai International Airport on Aug. 25 after returning to Japan from Beijing. Osaki withdrew from the marathon on Aug. 23 due to pain in his left hip joint. Breaking his silence for the first time since pulling out, Osaki apologized, saying, "I'm very, very sorry that I didn't take a chance by starting the race." Osaki watched the Olympic marathon on television in his room in Beijing. Asked whether he'll try again four years from now, Osaki responded, "I can't think about that yet, but that kind of feeling is probably there deep down somewhere. I don't want things to end this way."


Roberto said…
"I'm very, very sorry that I didn't take a chance by starting the race."

Sorry to quibble, but that's not an apology; it's an expression of regret, and it's an expression of wholly self-directed regret. These guys are not sorry that they concealed their injuries/training problems and damaged the country's chances at marathon success (and fans' chances to see that success). They're just businesspeople, managing their careers to their own best advantage ...

Sorry to keep playing the same old tune, but ... sigh.

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Kawauchi Named Captain of Japanese National Team for London World Championships

At a JAAF event at the British Embassy in Tokyo on July 21, marathoner Yuki Kawauchi (30, Saitama Pref. Gov't) was named men's captain of the Japanese national team for next month's London World Championships. Javelin throw national record holder Yuki Ebihara (Suzuki Hamamatsu AC) was chosen as women's captain.

In a wide-ranging and impassioned speech 4 minutes and 20 seconds long, Kawauchi stoked the team's morale as he told attendees, "I think that there are athletes here today who look at London as just a checkpoint along the way to the Tokyo Olympics. But as a representative of Japan it is not enough just to be there competing. I feel it strongly. You must produce results at this event, the London World Championships. This is the task assigned to each and every one of us. It is critical that we work seriously to achieve our goals. The Japanese people want nothing less. What can we as athletes do for them? More than just wearing the uniform, each of us mus…

Additions to Japanese National Team for London World Championships

The JAAF has made a series of announcements over the last week confirming additions to its small team for next month's London World Championships. Along with previously announced rosters for track and field events, combined events and road events, the following athletes have been added to the Japanese team. Relay members are pending IAAF confirmation. The final complete team roster is expected next week.

Men's 400 m Hurdles
Ryo Kajiki (Josai Univ.) - 49.33
Yusuke Ishida (Waseda Univ.) - 49.35

Men's 3000 m Steeplechase
Hironori Tsuetaki (Fujitsu) - 8:29.05

Men's 4 x 400 m Relay
Yuzo Kanemaru (Otsuka Seiyaku) - 45.76
Kosuke Horii (Sumitomo Denko) - 45.88

Women's Javelin Throw
Yuki Ebihara (Suzuki Hamamatsu AC) - 61.95 m

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