Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Takahashi in Boulder to Train for 3-Marathon Series

translated by Brett Larner

Marathoner Naoko Takahashi (Team Phiten) left Japan at the end of last month for a high-altitude training camp in Boulder, Colorado. Beginning with November`s Tokyo International Women`s Marathon, Takahashi plans to run all three of the major domestic women`s marathons. "Tokyo is the first order of business," commented Takahashi. "I want to get off to a good start. Life is long so I don`t want to fret."

After suffering a leg injury last year, Takahashi will be concentrating on revisualizing her form at this training camp. On November 3rd she will run in the East Japan Jitsugyodan Women`s Ekiden in Saitama, the first time she will run a jitsugyodan ekiden since her days with Team Sekisui when she ran in the 1999 All-Japan ekiden in Gifu. "If there`s a chance for me to take part then I want to do it," she said. Takahashi originally intended to return to Japan in early November, but with the addition of the ekiden to her schedule she will cut off the training camp earlier than planned and return in October.

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