Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beijing Olympic Marathoner Sato Cancels Swiss Training Camp Due to Exhaustion

translated by Brett Larner

Beijing Olympics men`s marathon team member Atsushi Sato (Team Chugoku Denryoku) has cancelled his planned July high-altitude training in St. Moritz, Switzerland and will instead remain in Japan for his final preparations. Suffering from exhaustion, Sato finished 35th in the June 15th Sapporo International Half Marathon with a time of 1:04:01.

Sato`s coach Yasushi Sakaguchi explained that in the past Sato has had a tendency to overwork in high altitude training, leading to poor results. As Sato is already showing signs of overwork, Sakaguchi opted to cancel the St. Moritz camp. Instead, Sato will do his Olympic training in Shibetsu and Abashiri, Hokkaido.

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Roberto said...

Doesn't bode well for Sato's performance in Beijing, though hats off to him and his coach for the sort of candor that is rarely seen these days in professional sports (Paula Radcliffe is a good example).