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Japan Announces Doha World Championships Team

Following the end of the qualification period for the 2019 Doha World Championships, the JAAF announced additions to the initial Japanese National Team roster released earlier in the summer. Along with the additions, the JAAF made public that Abdul Hakim Sani Brown (Univ. of Florida) will not run the 200 m in order to focus on the 100 m and relay, and that Kazuya Shiojiri (Fujitsu), the only Japanese man to have cleared the Doha standard, will not race due to an apparent injury following a fall last week in Zagreb. Final changes to the team roster, if any, are expected to be announced Sept. 17.

Japanese National Team, Doha World Championships

as of Sept. 11, 2019
times listed are best within qualifying window


100 m Hurdles  - Asuka Terada (Pasona Group) - 12.97
100 m Hurdles - Ayako Kimura (Edion) - 13.11

Long Distance
5000 m - Nozomi Tanaka (Toyota Jidoshokki TC) - 15:15.80
5000 m - Tomoka Kimura (Shiseido) - 15:19.99
5000 m / 10000 m - Rina Nabeshima (Japan Post) - 15:21.40 / 31:28.81
10000 m - Minami Yamanouchi (Kyocera) - 31:16.48
10000 m - Hitomi Niiya (Nike Tokyo TC) - 31:22.63

Javelin Throw - Haruka Kitaguchi (Nihon Univ.) - 64.36 m
Javelin Throw - Yuka Sato (Nikonikonori) - 62.88 m

4x400 m Relay
Seika Aoyama (Osaka Seikei AC) - 53.13
Saki Takashima (Soyo H.S.) - 53.31
Nanako Matsumoto (Toho Ginko) - 53.52
Yuna Iwata (Chuo Univ.) - 53.97
Konomi Takeishi (Toho Ginko) -54.27

Mizuki Tanimoto (Tenmaya) - 2:25:28
Ayano Ikemitsu (Kagoshima Ginko) - 2:26:07
Madoka Nakano (Noritz) - 2:27:39

Race Walks
20 km - Kumiko Okada (Bic Camera) - 1:27:41
20 km - Nanako Fujii (Edion) - 1:28:58
50 km - Masumi Fuchise (Kenso Kogyo) - 4:19:56


100 m - Abdul Hakim Sani Brown (Univ. of Florida) - 9.97
100 m / 200 m - Yuki Koike (Sumitomo Denko) - 9.98 / 20.24
100 m - Yoshihide Kiryu (Nihon Seimei) - 10.01
200 m - Kirara Shiraishi (Cerespo) - 20.27
200 m - Jun Yamashita (Tsukuba Univ.) - 20.40
400 m - Julian Walsh (Fujitsu) - 45.21

110 m Hurdles - Shunya Takayama (Zenrin) - 13.25
110 m Hurdles - Shunsuke Izumiya (Juntendo Univ.) - 13.36
110 m Hurdles - Taio Kanai (Mizuno) - 13.46
400 m Hurdles - Takatoshi Abe (Yamada Denki) - 48.80
400 m Hurdles - Masaki Toyoda (Hosei Univ.) - 49.05

Pole Vault - Masaki Ejima (Nihon Univ.) - 5.71 m
Pole Vault - Seito Yamamoto (Toyota) - 5.71 m
Pole Vault - Daichi Sawano (Fujitsu) - 5.71 m
High Jump - Naoto Tobe (JAL) - 2.35 m
Long Jump - Shotaro Shiroyama (Zenrin) - 8.40 m
Long Jump - Yuki Hashioka (Nihon Univ.) - 8.32 m
Long Jump - Hibiki Tsuha (Toyo Univ.) - 8.23 m

Mixed Events
Decathlon - Keisuke Ushiro (Kokushikan Club) - 7948

4x100 m Relay
Abdul Hakim Sani Brown (Univ. of Florida) - 9.97
Yuki Koike (Sumitomo Denko) - 9.98
Yoshihide Kiryu (Nihon Seimei) - 10.01
Shuhei Tada (Sumitomo Denko) - 10.12
Kirara Shiraishi (Cerespo) - 10.19
Aska Cambridge (Nike) - 10.20

4x400 m Relay
Julian Walsh (Fujitsu) - 45.21
Rikuya Ito (Waseda Univ.) - 45.79
Kentaro Sato (Fujitsu) - 45.91
Mitsuki Kawachi (Kinki Univ.) - 45.96
Kota Wakabayashi (Surugadai Univ.) - 46.04
Yoshinobu Imoto (Tokai Univ.) - 46.61
Shota Iizuka (Chuo Univ.) - 20.29
Tomoya Tamura (Sumitomo Denko) - 20.67

Kohei Futaoka (Chudenko) - 2:09:15
Yuki Kawauchi (Kawauchi) - 2:09:21
Hiroki Yamagishi (GMO) - 2:10:14

Race Walks
20 km - Toshikazu Yamanishi (Aichi Seiko) - 1:17:15
20 km - Koki Ikeda (Toyo Univ.) - 1:17:25
20 km - Eiki Takahashi (Fujitsu) - 1:18:00
50 km - Yusuke Suzuki (Fujitsu) - 3:39:07
50 km - Tomohiro Noda (SDF) - 3:39:47
50 km - Hayato Katsuki (SDF Academy) - 3:45:05

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