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Goshima and Abe Score 10000 m Silver at Napoli Universiade

Japan picked up three meals in the first two days of athletics competition at the 2019 Napoli Summer Universiade in Italy, including silver medals in both the women's and men's 10000 m. After three aborted starts thanks to problems with the starting gun Rino Goshima (Chuo Univ.) got things moving on July 8 in the women's 10000 m, losing out in a close finish 34:03.31 to 34:04.65 to China's Deshun Zhang, with teammate Natsuki Sekiya (Daito Bunka Univ.) just as close behind her in the bronze medal position.

Sub-28 man Hiroki Abe (Meiji Univ.) kept it going on the 9th with a silver in the men's 10000 m in an even closer finish behind South African Mokorane Milton Kekana, 29:29.43 to 29:30.01. Hakone Ekiden First Stage king Kazuya Nishiyama (Toyo Univ.) was off his game, finishing just 8th over 40 seconds back from Abe in 30:10.65.

In the other two finals featuring Japanese athletes on the first two days of the Universiade, Japan's finalists both took last place. In the men's 100 m, Daisuke Miyamoto was 7th of seven starters in 10.45 (-0.1 m/s) far back from Paulo Andre Camilo of Brazil, winner in 10.09. Ayaka Kora was 12th of twelve finalists in the women's long jump, clearing 6.10 m to finish 45 cm out of the medals. Ukrainian Marnya Bekh-Romanchuk took gold with a jump of 6.84 m.

Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade Japanese Results

Napoli, Italy, July 8-13
complete results

Men's 100 m Final  - July 9, -0.1 m/s
1. Paulo Andre Camilo (Brazil) - 10.09
2. Chederick Van Wyk (South Africa) - 10.23
3. R. Pereira do Nascimento (Brazil) - 10.32
4. Jan Volko (Slovakia) - 10.36
5. Duan Asemota (Canada) - 10.39
6. Dominik Zalesky (Czech Republic) - 10.42
7. Daisuke Miyamoto (Japan) - 10.43

Women's 10000 m Final - July 8
1. Deshun Zhang (China) - 34:03.31
2. Rino Goshima (Japan) - 34:04.65
3. Natsuki Sekiya (Japan) - 34:05.84
4. Branna MacDougall (Canada) - 34:09.81
5. Laura Dickinson (Canada) - 34:17.95
6. Isobel Batt-Doyle (Australia) - 34:21.45
7. Achash Kinetibeb Menkir (Ethiopia) - 34:23.99
8. Jennifer Nesbitt (Great Britain) - 34:27.50
9. Clare O'Brien (Australia) - 34:42.55
10. Yuyu Xia (China) - 34:49.18

Men's 10000 m Final - July 9
1. Mokorane Milton Kekana (South Africa) - 29:29.43
2. Hiroki Abe (Japan) - 29:30.01
3. Adriaan Wildschutt (South Africa) - 29:36.39
4. Iliass Aouani (Italy) - 29:41.97
5. Farah Abdulkarim (Canada) - 29:43.51
6. Ashenafi Tadesse Bifa (Ethiopia) - 29:47.63 - PB
7. Hao Wang (China) - 30:08.59
8. Kazuya Nishiyama (Japan) - 30:10.65
9. Benjamin Preisner (Canada) - 30:27.37
10. Riley Cocks (Australia) - 30:38.67

Women's Long Jump Final - July 9
1. Marnya Bekh-Romanchuk (Ukraine) - 6.84 m
2. Evelise Tavares Da Veiga (Portugal) - 6.61 m
3. Florentina Iusco (Romania) - 6.55 m
12. Ayaka Kora (Japan) - 6.10 m

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