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Sakamoto 7th in Xiamen, Mwangi Breaks Hong Kong All-Comers Record - Weekend Overseas Road Race Results

The year's international road racing circuit kicked off Sunday with two races in Asia featuring top-level Japanese athletes. At the C&D Xiamen Marathon in China, ten Japanese athletes ranked in the women's and men's Asian top 100 ran with support from JRN as part of Xiamen's bid to become the first race worldwide to qualify for the IAAF's new platinum road race label.

2016 Osaka Marathon winner and mother of three Yoshiko Sakamoto (Y.W.C.) placed highest among them, taking 7th in 2:39:00 with 2018 Osaka runner-up Haruka Yamaguchi (AC Kita)  9th in 2:42:39, 2017 Osaka winner Yumiko Kinoshita (Tokyo T&F Assoc.) 10th in 2:43:56, and 2018 Geneva Marathon runner-up Hisae Yoshimatsu (Shunan City Hall) 12th in 2:45:32.

Running just two days after Josai University had a disappointing 20th-place finish at the Hakone Ekiden, its assistant coach Shingo Igarashi was the top-placing Japanese man at 15th in 2:20:45. Dejene Debele (Ethiopia) won the men's race for the second year in a row in 2:09:26 with Medina Deme Armino (Ethiopia) taking the women's race in 2:27:45.

Just down the coast in Hong Kong, the Lok Wah Runners Club staged the first running of its new Lok Wah 100 Minutes Half Marathon, an event designed to encourage faster times in the upper end of Hong Kong's dedicated running community. Over a three-lap course Joseph Mwangi Ngare (Kenya) outran a field including 2018 Hofu Marathon winner Yuki Kawauchi (Saitama Pref. Gov't), four other Kenyans and the local best to win in 1:05:56, the fastest time ever on Hong Kong soil. Kawauchi was 2nd in 1:06:07 with Bernard Kiplangat Kibilo (Kenya) 3rd in 1:08:54.

2019 C&D Xiamen Marathon

Xiamen, China, 1/6/19
complete results

1. Medina Deme Armino (Ethiopia) - 2:27:25
2. Shasho Insemu (Ethiopia) - 2:27:42
3. Fantu Eticha (Ethiopia) - 2:29:55
4. He Yinli (China) - 2:33:28
5. Askale Alemayehu (Ethiopia) - 2:33:41
7. Yoshiko Sakamoto (Japan) - 2:39:00
9. Haruka Yamaguchi (Japan) - 2:42:39
10. Yumiko Kinoshita (Japan) - 2:43:56
12. Hisae Yoshimatsu (Japan) - 2:45:32
23. Momoko Tanaka (Japan) - 3:04:23

1. Dejene Debele (Ethiopia) - 2:09:26
2. Atewek Mesfin (Ethiopia) - 2:09:28
3. Birhan Nebebew (Ethiopia) - 2:09:36
4. Chele Dechasa (Ethiopia) - 2:09:43
5. Belachew Amerta (Ethiopia) - 2:09:52
15. Shingo Igarashi (Japan) - 2:20:45
19. Kansuke Morihashi (Japan) - 2:24:29
20. Tatsunori Hamasaki (Japan) - 2:24:29
22. Asuka Tanaka (Japan) - 2:25:58
DNF - Kenichi Jiromaru (Japan)

Lok Wah 100 Minutes Half Marathon

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, 1/6/19
complete results

1. Joseph Mwangi Ngare (Kenya) - 1:05:56 - ACR
2. Yuki Kawauchi (Japan) - 1:06:07
3. Bernard Kiplangat Kibilo (Kenya) - 1:08:54
4. Willy Kipkemoi Rotich (Kenya) - 1:08:54
5. Eliud Kiplimo Lelei (Kenya) - 1:10:15

1. Julie Beatty - 1:25:19
2. Amy Mumford - 1:26:02
3. Mei Yan Wong - 1:27:48
4. Jill Czarnik - 1:30:57
5. Chi Ling Mok - 1:32:33

Xiamen photo ©2019 Mika Tokairin, all rights resetved
text and Lok Wah photo ©2019 Brett Larner, all rights reserved

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"I was as surprised as anyone that I won," said Tanaka. "I had to stop at the toilets early on and lost some time, but I tried using the double inhale, double exhale breathing method that the actor Kankuro Nakamura uses on the Idaten TV show and got into a good rhythm. Thanks to that I could just keep going and going. I had no idea I was in 1st, and when they put up the finish tape as I was coming in I thought, 'No way!'""
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"Since I started running high school it's been 24 years," said Ishikawa at the press conference. "I've been with Honda for 17 years, and I made it all the way to the top, the Olympics. I'm glad that I've kept going this long. I thank you all."

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Yoshitomi Survives Four Marathons in Four Weeks to Win Saga Sakura Marathon

Arguably the highest-volume elite-level marathoner in the world, Hiroko Yoshitomi (Memolead) survived four straight weekends of marathons to win her hometown Saga Sakura Marathon yesterday.

Starting the month off at the Mar. 3 Tokyo Marathon Yoshitomi ran 2:32:30 for 13th. A week later at the Mar. 10 Nagoya Women's Marathon it was 2:34:49 for 31st. Last weekend she headed overseas in a bid to win the Mar. 17 New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon in Taiwan, but in a rare off day she finished 6th in only 2:48:45. Heading back home she rallied to win the Mar. 24 Saga Sakura Marathon in 2:42:02.

At an expo talk show appearance the Wan Jin Shi organizers billed Yoshitomi as "the female Kawauchi," but not even he has come close to the kind of volume of racing Yoshitomi has been turning out over the years while working at her parents' botanical farm. Expect to see more, and more, and more from her in the months to come.

photos courtesy of Wan Jin Shi Marathon organizers
text …