Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fukuoka International Marathon to Go Ahead As Planned After Road Collapse

translated by Brett Larner

After a major sinkhole opened Nov. 8 on the road in front of Hakata Station, the organizers of the Dec. 4 Fukuoka International Marathon, a selection race for the men's marathon team for next year's London World Championships, commented on their official Twitter feed that, "Since yesterday's events we have received many inquiries about whether the Fukuoka International Marathon will be impacted by the sinkhole.  As the site is not on the marathon course the race will go ahead as planned."  However, as the location of the sinkhole is very close to the course the organizers said, "Since this accident occurred in the neighborhood of the course we will take all necessary precautions to ensure safety both on the course itself and for spectators along the course."  Civil servant runner Yuki Kawauchi (Saitama Pref. Gov't) and others are entered in the race.

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